2 reasons why you should resist dairy free diet

Many of us, be it kids or grown up adults, hate eating milk products. The reason varies from one person to the other. Some have an allergy and which is why they avoid eating or drinking milk products however others who avoid milk products have a reason of health issues. People think that by not consuming milk products they will be able to reduce their weight but they do not realize what affect can this have on your body. So let me give you just 2 reason why consuming milk product is good for your teeth-

1. Milk is the best source of Calcium –

Well that’s correct and everyone knows it that milk is the best source for calcium & calcium is an essential source that keeps teeth and bones strong. The fact is that the human body cannot create or produce calcium by it self so there has to be an external intake that keeps the clock ticking for calcium intake. In case you do wish to take the milk products then there are other alternatives that will help with the calcium intake. So in case you do not wish to consume dairy products you can try out vegetables such as Broccoli and other leafy vegetables; Orange Juice or Soy Milk or even Cereals; you can consume nuts such as almonds.

2. Vitamin D

As much as Calcium is needed for healthy teeth you just cannot ignore the importance of Vitamin D. The fact is consumption of calcium and vitamin D goes hand in hand. Vitamin D is required as it helps the body absorb Calcium. The most important source for Vitamin D is Sunshine but for those people living in places or countries where there is not enough sunshine you can consume foods like salmon and tuna. Foods (specially processed foods such as orange juice and cereal) that contain calcium are also a source of Vitamin D.

So while you think that its not that important to consume calcium and vitamin D you need to understand the fact that apart from healthy bones these two are actually very important for Health Teeth. You Dentist will also suggest you to do the same. Dental health is most neglected by people from all age groups but let me tell you (as I told you in the last post) that no matter what you eat or drink its your teeth that gets affected first so eat healthy and stay healthy and Keep Smiling!!

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