5 foods that you should start eating for healthy teeth

I recently published a post that warned you of 10 foods that you should avoid (or eat less) in order to maintain that beautiful smile. Today what we are going to discuss is about the foods that need to be taken in order maintain a healthy mouth and fresh vibrant smile. If you brush regularly and twice a day and also do floss, it will help eradicate the bacterial infection that is caused by sugars and food particles that are main causes of Plaque.

Plaque produces acid which is the main reason to damage enamel, causing cavities and is also the beginning of periodontal disease. So here are 5 foods that will help you to maintain a healthy mouth and fresh breath with healthier teeth and gums –

1. Cheese :


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Cheese helps in neutralizing the plaque acid level and chewing cheese helps in saliva production which helps in washing away bacteria. Its also reported that kids of the age 12 to 15, who eat cheese have a lower acid levels in their mouth.

2. Raisins :


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The main cause of teeth to be eroded is sugar or sucrose (table sugar). Raisins are sweet but do not contain sucrose. They are a source of phytochemicals which eradicates the bacterial growth.

3. Vitamins-rich Foods :

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Calcium rich foods such as Cheese, butter, milk, almonds and green leafy veggies helps keep the enamel strong. You can even start with phosphorous rich foods such as meat, eggs and fish. When you eat foods rich in sugar or acid the enamel is eroded however with the intake of Calcium or Phosphorous rich food you will regain the loss.

4. Sugar Free gums:


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Chewing gums will keep your mouth in motion for a long time. Chewing will also help generate saliva which helps in washing away the bacteria’s but make sure you try the sugar free gums because then there is no point in chewing gums that contain sucrose.

5. Milk :


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Milk is a food that is rich in calcium and is the source of better health. Milk can reduce the acid levels in your mouth more than water. It also neutralizes acids that are responsible for plaque bacteria. Because it is a source of calcium it is good for bones as well.

So now that I have given you both the options of what to avoid and what to take choose for yourself what best suits you. After all its about that beautiful smile. Keep Smiling 🙂

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