8 signs to pay attention to

Human body is not perfect at all. We are prone to stress, erratic eating habits and lack of workout. With the erratic eating habits comes erratic drinking habits as well. This in turn spoils out teeth and when this happens you need to pay close attention to these 10 Signs and immediately visit a Dentist

1. Tooth Pain



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This one symptom cannot and should not be ignored. It could be a sign of upcoming root canal treatment or Wisdom teeth extraction. Even if the pain disappears after a couple of days still go for a dentist as it can be a sign of a tooth infection that is building inside.

2. Swollen Gums


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In case you notice your gums to be swollen or inflamed then immediately seek an expert help as this can be an indication of periodontitis, which if not treated early might result in tooth loss.

3. Your teeth has some white spots


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This condition arises when your teeth is decaying. The acid produced by the bacteria starts to dissolve the enamel and hence the white spots starts to show up.

4. Tooth Sensitivity


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Tooth Sensitivity occurs due to Tooth Decay s well. You might experience extreme pain when eating or drinking something cold or hot. In case of dental decay, it starts from the surface of the teeth and makes its way to the center of the teeth which is why the pain is unbearable as the decay touches the nerves. You need seek dentist help and get the cavities filled to put an end to Tooth Sensitivity.

5. Mouth Discoloration


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Whenever you brush your teeth (ideally twice in a day) make sure to notice your mouth and tongue for any changes in color. This must be an alarm for you to seek dentist help. It can be an important symptom, sometimes the first symptom, of several important and severe diseases.

6. Canker Sore


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These are typically known as a Mouth Ulcers and are prominent in the people of age group 10-20 years. In case this becomes severe you might experience fever, physical sluggishness so its better to consult a dentist as soon you develop a canker sore.

7. Headache –


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Have you ever experienced headache when you would have got up in the morning irrespective of the fact that everything was normal a day before? If yes then there is a possibility that you might be grinding your teeth at night. You can see a dentist and he can give you a mouth guard which will help in reducing or eliminating your headache.

8. Bad Breath


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Well this goes without fail. This the most important reason for you to visit the dentist. Bad breath can be the reason for gingivitis and hence a result for serious health problems. Apart from this Bad Breath hampers your social presence and public speaking. So immediately consult your dentist to get it cured.

So pay attention to these signs and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Keep Smiling.

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