A brief insight on our teeth

Ever since out birth we come equipped with two sets of teeth – Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth. The only way to protect our permanent teeth is by taking care of the baby teeth. Following regular hygienic dental habits is the first step to attain a healthy teeth in our adulthood. These “Hygienic Dental Habits” have been mentioned time and again by me. You can even use dental sealants on areas that are very easily affected by diseases. The dental sealants block the bacteria to affect the teeth and also block the food debris from sticking around.

If you are missing a permanent teeth, then by certain cosmetic dentistry procedures you can get natural looking teeth back but once permanent tooth is lost then it will not regrow by itself.

When does permanent teeth erupt?

There is a timing or a time frame for this permanent teeth to erupt,  so generally they come behind the last baby teeth molar. The ideal age group when these teeth emerge is 6 years to 7 years but then they fall and come back again and this procedure continues. So over a period of time i.e. when we attain maturity, we have 32 permanent teeth.The composition includes 12 molars,  8 premolars, 4 canines and and 8 incisors. Pretty complex!! And we thought them to be just one. In fact they are one big happy family.

But this happy family is not seen together while erupting. Quite a few of them appear in early teens but 4/3rd molars appear by late twenties.

In case you feel that you have a loose teeth then this indicates – run for your dentist. But then if the permanent teeth that has erupted is loose then also – run for your dentist. Generally the permanent teeth in the beginning are loose and the most common cause is Gum Disease or any sort of Dental Accident. Remember the fact that there is no way you can get permanent sets of teeth back once you lose them so it is imperative to analyze, by taking the help from dentist and getting the problem fixed.

Dentist are the smile makeover Gods. If you have lost a tooth then all you need to do is visit a cosmetic dentist and check for various procedures such as Dental Implant, Dentures, Dental Bridges and many more. It is god to have a beautiful smile as smile can make you conquer all battles of life. So Keep Smiling and Stay Healthy 🙂

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