Airflow Teeth Cleaning: Revolutionary way of teeth cleaning

Dental Treatment procedure is evolving day on day. There has been many advancement in this industry and its all so that customers can get the best out of the facilities. For example laser teeth whitening procedure helps in giving white and shiny teeth in no time. Well if you think that laser teeth whitening is a revolutionary invention in the dental industry then let me introduce you to Airflow Teeth Cleaning procedure.

What is Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Simply put it is a procedure which removes stains from teeth with the help of compressed air shot from a jet which also includes water and bicarbonate particles. The jet of air pushes away the surface staining from your teeth.

This is another great way for teeth whitening. The advantage of undergoing the dental treatment is that it will remove the stains without impacting the original color of the teeth. Stains of tea, coffee, wine, curry, chlorhexidine and tobacco are removable provided you take timely action.

Airflow Teeth Cleaning takes only 30 minutes to be completed. During this time the teeth will be cleaned. In case you have any sort of tartar accumulated in your teeth then with the help of ultrasonic staining it will be removed as well. The procedure is painless and hence there is no need for anesthetic.

Advantages of Airflow Teeth Cleaning

Effective Cleaning

Truly it gives an effective cleaning. The cleaning is powered by air and powder and polishes all the teeth by removing plaque, discoloration and soft deposits. Now because air is being used here to clean your teeth hence it flows down till 5mm of the periodontal socket. Airflow Teeth Cleaning procedure is far much better and effective than the conventional teeth cleaning methods.

Patient Comfort

Every single patient that we have come across gets that cringe-worthy feeling when they see the tools which a dentist uses and this is main reason why people are so afraid of coming to a dental clinic. With the Airflow Teeth Cleaning there will be no need of scrapping tools. The best part is the that the deepest pockets can be reached using the airflow.

Teeth Sensitivity

It gets reduced big time because there are no chemical involved in this procedure so there is no chance that the enamel will be impacted. Air flow polishing can also encourage the re-mineralization of damaged teeth.

Cleans Faster

It is three times faster in removing stains and plaque than the conventional methods. This is the reason why it takes just 30 minutes to get that shiny white luster in your teeth.

Our Verdict

Simple – Just check which dental clinic in the vicinity of your home performs this procedure and go for it. You will be happy to see your teeth shining again.

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