All you want to know about Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom Tooth or Molar Tooth (as it’s popularly known as) is one of the three molars for every quadrant in Human Dentistry. The Wisdom Teeth generally comes out or is seen between the age group 17-25. It is located at the farther end of the three molars. Generally most of the adults have 4 wisdom teeth but it can be more or less also. The wisdom teeth have a tendency to affect other teeth as they come in their way or appear sideways.

Wisdom teeth are those tooth that was used by ancestors in grinding down plant tissues. A common belief is that the ancestors had huge head and more teeth as they had issues in digesting cellulose but as human diets changed, smaller jaws appeared and then appeared the third molars or the Wisdom Tooth.

Wisdom teeth is the most commonly caused problems in adults. The only treatment that you need to undergo is extraction and they can be located or spotted by X-Rays. People generally get it removed for following reasons –

  • They are trapped in your jawbone or gums that they create intense pain.
  • They collide with your other teeth.
  • Your jaw cannot give place for other molar to grow.

Whenever you meet you Dentist make sure you tell him about all the problems that you are facing, tell him about the drugs you take on regular basis, any apprehensions you have regarding the extraction procedure thereafter make sure you take time off your work schedule so that you can take adequate rest. The surgery takes 45 minutes at the max. The Dentist will numb your teeth to relax you or doze you off. So there is a strong possibility that you might be asleep for the whole surgery. Your gums are cut so that the teeth is visible and then the wound is stitched for quick healing.

I will admit the fact the the pain is unbearable in Wisdom Tooth but I will also be clear here that there is no other procedure to remove it apart from extraction. Keep these advice in mind and keep a healthy smile.

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