An overview of Lingual Braces

Well the term Braces is terrifying simply because it takes away our beautiful smile and we have to live with that metallic mouth. But times have changed drastically and these braces have evolved as well. There was a time when the only option available with us was the one with metal wires and rubber which were clearly visible for others. But now there are porcelain braces and braces made by Invisalign.  The reason why people are now opting for these cosmetic braces is because we love to flash our beautiful smile and hate it to hide our mouth while laughing or smiling.

Procelain Braces are to some extent visible to the naked eye but braces made by Invisalign are practically invisible, which is why these two make the best choices for teeth alignment. However there is another option. This is called as Lingual Braces.

Lingual Braces

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Now, the purpose of these braces is the same. Aligning the teeth however there location is such that they are practically not visible. As you can see in the image they are placed behind your teeth which is also their USP. Just like every coin has two side similarly where there is an advantage there ought be disadvantages as well. As mentioned the advantage of lingual brace is that it is practically not visible to anyone because of their placement. However the disadvantage is that if you have overbite problem then these braces will affect your speech and chewing problem. There are patients who have complained about difficulty in swallowing food. The treatment time is long and there is a very strong probability of plaque formation because you cannot make out whether after brushing teeth are still clean or not. This also increases the number of visits to your dentist.

Once you have got the Lingual Braces fitted behind your teeth, you need to practice a lot so that swallowing, eating and talking does become a challenge. For the first few days you will face issues but then later on you will get used to it. But still try to swallow food by placing your tongue between your teeth and keep doing it over and over again. If people get irritated by your talking, don’t stop because the more you talk the more easy it will be for you. Lastly try eating foods that are not very hard to chew. Start off with liquid diet and then slowly and gradually move towards other foods.

Technology has changed and so has our preferences but one thing still stays with us and that is we love our smile and will never stop flashing it. So Keep Smiling and Stay Healthy 🙂

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