Australian Dental Facts

In the last post we discussed some detailed Australian Dental Facts. 

So here is a quick throwback of what we discussed in the last post:

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With that being said, today I would present some more facts again related to Australia. These facts depict the data from the past related how many kids and adults were suffering from tooth decay. It also talks about the percentage of kids and adults who visited the dentist on a regular basis.

So without much adieu come let us a have a look

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Mouth is one of the most vulnerable part of human body. As mentioned in many of my posts it faces the brunt of of our daily eating habits. Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Eating acidic foods and chewing hard substances makes our teeth more fragile. These habits leads to tooth decay, plaque, tooth loss, gum diseases and many other diseases related to gums and teeth.

It is imperative for everyone to take good care of their teeth so that the problem should not aggravate more. If you are negligent towards gingivitis it will take the form of periodontitis where in you might have to get your teeth removed. If you do not pay attention to what you eat and do not follow proper brushing and flossing technique your teeth will be affected with PlaqueWhen this condition arises bacteria will start attacking your teeth which will result in tooth decay which will eventually lead to removal of your teeth.


Admit it that we do not prefer visiting our dentist because we are scared that something might come up and we might have to undergo treatments such root canal or even wisdom tooth removal. But do we realize that why such a situation comes up? The only reason is unhealthy eating habits and lack of proper dental care. Believe me that this is not just the Australian Dental Facts these facts are related to every country. These are the situation and conditions which concerns almost every part of the world.

So now that 2015 is coming to an end what are your new year resolutions with regards to your overall body health. Do let me know in the comments.

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