Braces 101: How to take care of teeth with Braces

Braces are one of the most easiest and yet most despised methods to get straight teeth. It falls under the orthodontic procedures and is generally placed in kids who are from 12-15 years. The primary reason to use this dental appliance is to correct the over-bite, under-bite, crooked and overcrowded teeth. There are multiple benefits of braces namely such as Straight Teeth, Attractive Smile, Straight Teeth leads to proper dental function and hence overall health improves. So today let us take you through steps/advice that will help you take good care of your braces

Take Care Of Braces with these advises

1. Maintain good oral hygiene:

Wearing braces is an added responsibility so make sure that you brush and floss your teeth. It consists of brackets which can trap food. This causes tooth decay and eventually increases the possibility of periodontitis and gingivitis. The food trapped can also react with the bacteria inside your mouth. This will cause a bleaching effect and will result in white spots on your teeth.

2. Clean your teeth along with braces:

Every time you eat your meal or consume snacks make sure to brush your teeth and floss. Make sure you use brush with soft bristle and also floss gently on your teeth. Going top hard might snap the wires so it is important to be gentle on this appliance.

3. Wear braces until your dentist asks you to remove them

We understand that it is uncomfortable but the ideal time frame to wear braces is 18-30 months. Eventually it is your dentist who will be able to tell the exact time frame. It all depends upon the gap between teeth and the level of bite (under-bite and over-bite). After your braces are removed you will be given retainers so that the position of your teeth can be maintained.

4. Avoid certain foods:

This is important. You should avoid sticky and hard foods. Sticky foods might get stuck between the wires and impact your dental health. It becomes difficult to remove food which has been stuck. On the other hand be careful with hard food as well because it might snap the wire. Once you see any damaged wire or loose wire make sure to see your orthodontist because there is a risk that you might swallow the metallic pieces.

The moment you see any wear and tear in your braces then make sure that you rush towards your orthodontist. It should not matter where you wear braces or not, what matters is that you should take care of your teeth in every possible way. Brushing and Flossing are two important aspects of maintaining dental health so make sure that you follow them diligently.

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