Bruxism: Signs and Treatment

Waking up in the morning with a sore jaw and headache is the sign of Bruxism. This is a common dental problem faced by kids and mostly adults where you will be clenching your teeth while sleeping. Bruxism is also termed as Teeth Grinding. This dental condition can result in loose teeth and also pain which is the root cause of headache. It may also lead to certain parts of teeth to wear away. The end result of this dental condition is deterioration of surrounding teeth, bones and gum tissues which may eventually lead to temporomandibular joint syndrome(TMJ).

How to understand you have Bruxism?

Nobody wants to wake up with a heavy head and sore jaw. So this condition happens unconsciously. Even while you are awake you might start clenching or grinding your teeth while doing your normal chores; the worst part you wont even realize it. The only way you can know that you are undergoing this condition is by either realizing that you clench your teeth or when someone points out the same.


PS: You won’t necessarily clench your teeth like the one in the image but yes this condition is too serious to be neglected.

Your parents, your spouse or even your friends will be the best people to tell you whether you suffer from this problem. They will tell you whether or not you make grinding sounds from your teeth while sleeping. You will have to undergo a routine checkup once you feel that your tooth enamel is ruptured.

You should know that headache and sore jaw are not the only signs of bruxism. Other signs include face pain and neck. You need to visit your dentist so that he can give an accurate description of the problem and plan the diagnosis.

Treatment of Bruxism

The treatment of this dental condition will depend upon the root cause of the problem. Once you visit your dentist, he will ask you questions related to the problem and level of pain. He will examine your teeth to understand the condition completely. Depending upon the damage and the cause of damage you might be suggested to –

  • Wear and Appliance while sleeping: These are custom made by your dentist which fits your teeth. It will fit on the upper teeth and eventually guards them from grinding. This is not a sure shot cure to bruxism but can be helpful in stopping the grinding.
  • Relax: Stress is the main cause of bruxism. So you need to find ways that can reduce stress. You should indulge in listening to music, meditation, take a walk. In case you are too stressed out discuss with your friends and family so that the situation can be handled.
  • Reducing the overbite problem: The other reason for Bruxism can be a problem with your bite. So reducing the overbite problem can also help in correcting the problem.


Be cautious and vigilant about your condition. Early treatment can help avoid a lot of problems. So stay healthy and keep in touch with your dentist to discuss any problems you are facing.


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