Facts and myths about Cavities that you should know

It has been stated and discussed time and again that our mouth is a home for many diseases. But if we decide to keep it healthy and happy it becomes the best place for the rest of the body as well. A healthy mouth is helpful in getting healthy body. Many diseases happen if we do not take care of our teeth in the best possible way.

Although there is no concrete facts to prove but still certain experts believe that there is a close relation between Cardio Vascular Disease and Gum Disease. The reasoning that we have got is that inflammation is common between both the diseases and also the bacteria which are present in gum diseases are also a part of heart disease.

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It does not matter whether or not the dental problems are associated with the rest of the body the fact is we still need to maintain proper oral hygiene. A healthy mouth gives you fresh breath and whiter shinier teeth which eventually adds to your personality and gives you confidence to meet new people. An unhealthy mouth results in plaque formation and cavities. Plaque is a sticky film which is made out of saliva, food particles, bacteria and many other substances. It is one incorrigible condition which is formed between the teeth and also penetrates the tiny holes and pits in molars. Many a times the bacteria which are present in plaque changes the food starch into acid and when this happens it attacks the enamel.


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On the other hand Cavities are simply the breakdown of enamel due to tooth decay. This happens because of bacteria attack and eating substances that are acidic and adversely impact the teeth.

Time and again we have discussed about myths and facts related to our oral health but today we will talk about the myths and facts about cavities.

1.Cavity Myth

Well it is not necessary. At times you would at times you wont so you need to ensure that you keep visiting your dentist time and again.

2. Cavity Myth Treatment

Holds true if after the treatment you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

3. Cavity Myth Gap

Many experts believe that this is not true. They say that more the gap more easy it is to clean your teeth.

4. Cavity myth for sugar

Myth and Fact as well because cavity is caused by bacteria so if you eat sugar or potato or bread or fruits you might end up getting cavities if you do not treat you teeth with respect.

5. Cavity Myth for Asprin

FALSE ALERT!!! Asprin is pain killer and is acidic. So if you take an asprin when you have cavities it might end up burning the exposed gum tissue causing more pain.

6. Cavity Myth for Acid

Absolutely!! Acidic foods have the tendency to breakdown the tooth enamel which makes it easy for bacteria to attack.

7. Cavity Myth for Brushing

Do i need to say anything on this? This is the ultimate rule of healthy gums and teeth. However there is one more thing to add to it and it is visiting your dentist for a regular check up.

Do you guys have any more to add? Do mention in the comments below

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