Overbite: Cause of many other Dental Problems

Overbite is one of the common problem faced by many. As per this condition your upper jaw is slightly orotruding outwards relative to your lower jaw.

It has been proved that most of the overbites are hereditary. But that’s not the only reason for overbite. This problem starts from our childhood and the common factors that lead to Overbite are sucking of thumb, tongue thrusting or even if your kid uses a pacifier or bottle. In case your kid has any of these habits then it’s time that you should see a dentist so that he/she can figure it out by the help of x-ray whether your child needs an overbite correction. Your dentist will also suggest you certain methods which will help get rid of bad dental habits of your child.

This problem is extremely common in US and they are facing the issue since a long time.

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