Chipped teeth – Worst nightmare but easy to treat

Have you ever injured your teeth which resulted in teeth cracking or getting chipped? It all looks good in movies that the one getting hurt is actually not getting affected at all but trust me having a chipped teeth is a big deal in this real world. Perhaps that’s the difference between Reel Life and Real Life.

One deformity on our face or teeth or any sort of dental problem will keep us away from social circles. So today lets discuss about chipped teeth and treatments that you can undergo to reinvent your smile. Here is a little piece of information that I would like to share – Don’t worry if you have a chipped teeth as it is very common type of injury. I can proudly say that the size of chipped teeth does not matter, the important part is it needs to be addressed immediately. Do not be negligent about the size of the chip – small or large – and immediately seek dental help. The reason is that a tooth is broken it will expose nerves which will lead to tooth sensitivity and believe me that hurts even more.

teeth grinding


It’s easy to fix a completely broken tooth. In fact, you can try it at home. So if your tooth is broken or knocked off you can put it back in by following these steps:

  1. Clean the tooth and make sure that you hold it by the crown. Do not touch any exposed nerve because it may damage the ligaments. Try to put the teeth in its socket. Hold for a few seconds by gently biting it. There will be a situation where you might not be able to put it back so soak it in milk, warm water, saliva, or between your gum and cheek.
  2. Call your dentist or visit the nearest emergency center. The dentist will re-instate the knocked off teeth and Voila, you have your tooth back.

But, if you have met with an accident and have a chipped tooth, then do not worry. You can try any of the following treatment options:

  1. Dental Bonding: Dental Bonding help in correcting most of the chipped tooth. While treating this condition your dentist will fill the chipped portion with resin which will be of the color of teeth and will reshape it so that it matches the shape of your teeth.
  2. Shaping of Enamel: It is more or less same as Dental Bonding. But dentist does not use any composite resin to fix the chipped teeth instead they reshape the existing one. So a portion of the teeth is reshaped or re-contoured and this smooths our the imperfections.
  3. Veneers: Veneers are used when damage is beyond repair and chipped teeth cannot be fixed Bonding or Enamel Shaping. Veneers cover the surface and are used for the front teeth.
  4. Root Canal: Well, this is one dental treatment that everyone wants to avoid, but it is very effective for fixing chipped teeth. This is generally performed if there is some pain in the injured portion.
  5. Tooth Extraction: This is the last resort. Performed only when the tooth cannot be saved. But you need not worry as Dental Implants can serve as an alternative to missing teeth.

It’s always been suggested that precaution is better than cure so you may try some preventive measures to avoid your teeth being chipped. So you can use a mouth guard while playing sports, performing and practicing oral hygiene and maintain a healthy diet.

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