Common concerns related to our teeth

Remember this saying – As you sow, so shall you reap. Well put in dental terms I would say

Well, of course. What we consume determines the state of our teeth and our mouth. The Oral Health depends a lot on the our eating habits. Eating too much acidic food, drinking too much soda and alcohol, smoking cigarettes cause nothing but irreparable damage. Always remember this

We need to make sure that we eat healthy diet and follow proper oral hygiene so that we can avoid the following common concerns related to our teeth:

Gum Disease:



One of the most common problems that we face is suffering from Gum Disease. The initial stage of this problem is Gingivitis. We need to know that this is the stage where it can be cured and if left unattended then we need to be ready for a more serious problem called as Periodontal Disease. You need to keep visiting your dentist time and again to determine the state of your gums because at times gum disease cannot be detected unless watched by a professional. However you can avoid these two disease by following some simple rules: Regularly Brushing twice a day, Regularly Flossing at least once, Maintaining proper diet.

Missing Tooth

a child having chipped teeth

As per recent findings an adult from the age of 20-60 years have more than three teeth are decayed or even missing. Missing a tooth hamper the eating habit and also hampers the way you speak. It can also lead to bone loss. However the medical treatments have enhanced so much that you need not worry about the tooth loss any more. In case you are suffering from tooth loss you might consider any one of the following treatments:

a) Bridges: This sort of treatment is a part of the cosmetic dentistry. Bridges are fixed next to your natural teeth and depending on your mouth they are either kept as a removable or fixed structure.

b) Dentures: So if you are in a situation where you have lost all the teeth then this is the solution that your dentist will be recommending you.

c) ImplantThis is again a part of the cosmetic dentistry procedure and makes a striking resemblance to your natural looking teeth.



A very common problem which everyone would have gone through. This happens when the nerves on your gums are exposed due to excessive smoking or eating acidic foods. However it can happen because of multiple other reasons such as Gum Disease, Fractured Teeth, Tooth Decay or even Worn out Enamel. The best treatment for this type of problem is using a desensitizing toothpaste. However you just cannot ignore proper Oral Hygiene to overcome this problem.

Dry Mouth


Yet again this is another very common problem because we all have faced it time and again but then it requires immediate Dental attention. The reason for dry mouth could be constant use of some medications or any other health related issue as the salivary flow to your mouth gets reduced. Your dentist will check for signs on your teeth which can indicate the same. Saliva helps in cleaning the tooth and gums so if you are suffering from dry mouth then you stand a chance of having tooth decay and plaque formation. Drinking plenty water and cleaning your tooth are the basics that you need to follow.

These three are some of the most common problem that we face. There are other problems as well such as Oropharyngeal cancer, Bad Breath, Swollen Gums. We all know these are the problems but then the solution falls down to one simple thing: Maintaining proper dental hygiene. So make sure to brush twice in a day and floss at least once and eat healthy.

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