Is Dentistry and Creativity inter-related? Find out here

Just look around you and you will observe how things have changed in the past two decades. Yes the way we go ahead with the day to-day life has changed drastically. Every modern thing that we have around us has been invented to ease out our work pressure. The innovators have taken a path of creativity to ease out our life and honestly they’ve done it well. Every business runs on creativity because there is a need to evolve at every step.

Change is inevitable and a business which does not change it’s approach to customer or operations with time has to perish. We live in 21st century and let’s refer to this era as the Age of Creativity.

Before I delve into the important of being creative in the dental field let me first clear out any apprehension that you have about creativity. Creativity is taking a new or rather an innovative approach towards the growth of your business. The world is changing at a rapid pace and technology has created a massive dent in the eco-system. Now its because of this technology that patients these days are fully aware of the various treatment. It is really easy for patients to find the best dentist in the market.

How is creativity and dentistry interlinked?

As mentioned above patients have become really smart and tech savvy these days. Honestly they are not looking for dentists to seek information related to dentistry. They are searching for such qualified and best dentists who can give them solution to their pain, fulfill their wishes of having a celebrity like smile and teeth. With the help of social media and reviews of various dentists it is seemingly easy for patients to search the best dentist in their town or across the globe. For example if I have to search for full mouth implants or the top dental clinics or a periodontists dental clinic then it wont take me much time to find them. The tricky part is which dental clinic catches my eye. This is possible only with some effective and innovative dental promotions.

Not just the promotion but also cost has a very strong hold in getting a foot fall in your dental clinic. Dental price is a very vital factor for a patient and eventually a dental clinic as well. This is the reason why there has been a tremendous increase in patients travelling to different countries for dental treatment. For example Thailand has emerged as the undisputed king of dental tourism in South East Asia. The country at the present moment hosts numerous dental clinics which have been tagged by patients as best dental clinic in Thailand. The reason why Thailand has achieved this status is because of the low cost and creativity in the dental promotions.

Is creativity in dentistry being followed these days?

Well yes and the surprising part is that during the training program in New York University School of Medicine, creative thinking has been given a lot of emphasis. NYUSM has come up with brilliant concept to teach the future dentists a different way to look at the dental problems. The training module includes classes to be held in museum so that the students can be trained on holistic treatment as well.

In dentistry it is important that the dental professional use or adopt to the functions such as holistic and empathetic vision of right brain. Why you must be wondering!! So here is the reason – Our mouth is the reason for the overall health of our body. Once your right brain is trained you then get equipped with the ability to better understand the dental condition of the patient. You will be listening carefully to the dental problem of your patient.

Creativity is required in the field of dentistry not just for your dental clinic to grow but also for a dentist to grow as an individual. Being creative at this stage with your business helps in distinguishing between a passive person and person who is taking every step forward towards success.

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