Things to check out before opening a dental clinic in your area

The best dentists present all over the world have struggled to set up their own dental clinic which meets the requirement of their clients or patients. Setting your own dental clinic is just like starting a new business. You need to know that the success of your dental clinic will depend on a lot of factors. Opening of a clinic is the biggest step for a dentist which takes his/her dental career to a new level.

However there are many dentists who open the clinic without even understanding the nitty-gritty and all the important roles that they have to fulfill. In this attempt they miss out on the critical aspects of which paves their way to success. The hardwork of setting up the facility is the building block of future success. You need to ensure that once you start getting patients they should have a pleasant experience.

Setting up your Dental Clinic

It is a step by step, lengthy and a strategic procedure. The best part for dentists is that they do not have have to haggle a lot to find the perfect team. There isn’t much struggle in finding the best dentists for your clinic. Once you have the perfect resource it helps in shortening the learning curve and minimizing the mistakes. So make sure you reach out to the influencers from your field who can help you and your business grow.

Setting up a dental clinic is just setting up your startup. The market is not new as there are many clinic who are termed as the best dental clinics but with proper and strategic approach you can surely create a dent in the industry. The perfect team consists of individuals with the right experience, clear insight and total expertise which helps in taking the right decisions. Your ideal should have transitions coach to help you manage change, your lender, your finance company and your equipment specialist. You should also bring a mentor (a dentist who has years of experience).

You also need to ensure that the equipment which your equipment specialist provides you meets the dental sterilization standards. With the help of mentor you will get clear idea on how to create an impact in dentistry world. The reason why you would need a mentor is because there are many dental clinics famous as the best dental implant center and giving the affordable dental implant surgery. So you need to come up some kind of affordable dental treatments and promotions which will help you go past them. This means your financial planning should be flawless.

Dental Clinic also needs a business plan

Yes it does because this is a new business that you are stepping into. In the first step you have gathered an army of professionals and experts. Now its time that you sit with them and chalk an effective business plan. An effective plan and proper presentation of it will help you get the investment that you seek (may be a little less or more) for propelling your business. In a conventional way for a startup there are seven key points that you need to include in a business plan. However for a dental clinic you just need five which are listed below:

  • Capacity: It will include the rooms, the working hours and retention of your patients.
  • Revenue: Investors are really interested in this part. This section will include the number of patients and month on month growth of your clinic.
  • Expense Management: This is your prediction of the overhead expenses to run the clinic and also you will have to show the break even point for the investors.
  • Patient Service: This is the target audience that you will be catering to. It includes the demographic you will be serving, the technology with which you will need to be current, and the type of periodontal program you implement before and after you hire a hygienist.
  • Team: This is self explanatory and talks about the team that is working with you.

Business plan is downright important for any businesses. It is just selling the future to the investor to extract money out of him to run build your future.

Moving further the most important aspect of setting up a dental clinic is the leadership quality of YOU. Yes a dentist is an entrepreneur. He/She must posses the qualities of an efficient leader. Before stepping into this field make sure you have enough experience in dealing with patients while you are working for someone else. Leadership has to be learned as it is not inherited so make sure you do your but of research before taking that giant leap.


There’s more than meets the eye when starting your own dental clinic. There are so many dental clinics specializing in dental implants, Implant Supported Fixed Bridges, wisdom tooth extraction, dental filling replacement and many more that the competition is too tough. You need to have excellent team to deal with all sorts of patients. So plan everything and then step your best foot forward.

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