Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges

We all have heard about them but how much do we know them? Dental Crowns and Bridges are the best solution to crooked, malformed or deformed teeth, missing teeth etc. They are fixed prosthetic devices and are non-removable dental appliances. Dental crowns and bridges cannot be removed as they are cemented on the existing teeth or implants.

The purpose of crown is to protect the damaged tooth by covering it. Dental Crown also helps in strengthening the damaged tooth along with improving the appearance, shape and alignment. A crown is also placed at the top of the implant. This gives an impression of natural tooth. Dental Crowns can be made out of porcelain or ceramic and this matches the color of the tooth. Other materials include gold and metal alloys, acrylic and ceramic alloys. The advantage of alloys is that they are stronger than porcelain and are often suggested to teeth located at the rear.

When are Dental Crowns recommended:

It is recommended when:

  • A large filling has to be replaced in a situation when there isn’t much tooth left.
  • A weak tooth has to be protected.
  • A fractured tooth has to be replaced
  • A bridge needs to be attached
  • A dental implant has to be covered
  • A discolored or malformed teeth has to be covered
  • A tooth which has undergone a root canal treatment has to be covered

On the other hand dental bridge is used when you are missing one or more teeth. When a teeth goes missing it leaves gaps and this causes the remaining teeth to shift to the empty spaces. This eventually results in bad bite. If the imbalance in teeth is not treated then it might lead to gum disease as well.

Normally Bridges are used to substitute one or more missing teeth. They are used to fill the space where teeth is missing. Bridges gets fixed to the natural teeth or implants in places where teeth is missing. The abutments serves the purpose of an anchor to the bridge. The replacement teeth which is attached to crowns covers the abutments.

Are Dental Crowns durable? Well to be honest nothing in this is permanent and crowns are no different. Come lets check out something that will prepare you for something adverse.

4 reasons why dental crowns will fail

  1. You can use porcelain or resin crowns but they are very fragile and with just little force on teeth because of chewing you might end up cracking them. The best material to make crowns is porcelain-fused-to-metal. They look similar to porcelain crowns but have a metal framework just underneath them. 
  2. If you are prone to rub your teeth while sleeping then you are sure to your dental crowns. To avoid that you can wear a guard while sleeping.
  3. Before taking a decision to get them fixed make sure your dentist has proper knowledge about the steps that he/she is carrying out. At times dental crowns gets fixed in an incorrect fashion and will fail.
  4. Everything happening to your mouth and teeth is because of what you eat and drink. So make sure that you do not eat something that is too sticky. This will weaken the upper surface of dental crowns and make them fail.

With such plethora of information I guess you will now be cautious about the steps that you take for getting dental crowns.

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