Dental effects of a rare disease

We have discussed it time and again that if our mouth isn’t healthy we can end up getting affected by other chronic diseases. But have you ever heard that a rare disease which affects 1 in 141 Americans can have adverse effect on our dental system. Well strange it may sound but the truth is YES!! This disease is called as CELIAC DISEASE. 

It is a rare disease found mostly in Americans and it is believed that globally around 5 million people suffer from and and haven’t been cured. It is also found out that women are more prone to this disease. So today we will discuss about this disease and how we can control it and what are its affect on our dental system.

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac Disease

This is a serious digestive disorder where in the patient has zero tolerance to protein rich diet. This is the reason why patients are advised not to eat wheat, oats, rye and barley as they are rich in a protein called as gluten. When gluten is consumed it causes a reaction which results in the destruction or eradication of small lumps which are located in the small intestine. These lumps are called as VILLI and their role is to absorb the nutrients which are essential for our body from the food which gets digested. But once they are destroyed nutrients do not get digested and hence there is a strong possibility that the person will suffer from undernourishment.

Oral Manifestations

Celiac Disease Oral Manifestations

Can such a rare disorder have affect on our teeth and cause dental problems? Well yes it does. The condition of your teeth can determine whether it is caused by Celiac Disease or not. Conditions such as damaged enamel of your teeth, grooves between the teeth or even pits on your teeth. You may also see yellow and brown spots on your teeth. Apart from all this patients will also see some sort of deformities in their teeth. Abnormalities in the dental enamel occur when permanent teeth are developing. So you need to keep the diet of kids really healthy to avoid this. You might even lose your Enamel if this is not take care of.

Check out the level of defects that you can expect if you are suffering from Celiac Disease:

enamel grade defects


Mouth is the doorway to all the healthy and unhealthy habits. It is upto us what we let in. It is therefore expected that we take good care of our diet and make it a point to visit our Dentists pretty often.


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