Dental Facts related to Australian Citizens

No matter where you are based out one thing that you need to make sure to get the best smile is – Respecting Your Teeth. You need to take care of your teeth day in and day out which will not only give you a healthy mouth but also an overall healthy body.

Today’s blog focuses on the important trends in the oral and dental health of the citizens of Australia. So, I wont just talk the serious stuff because I believe that if a problem is conveyed in a little non-serious manner it is understood better. So without much wait come and let us take a look at the Dental Facts related to Australian Citizens. 

  • From the year 1977 to 1995 there has been a gradual decrease in tooth decay among the kids but then the number has been on a rise since 1996. Currently it is being believed that 1 in 2 kids from the age of 12 years had tooth decay in their permanent teeth. The decay is associated with the consumption of sweets and candies by the kids. If the stats have to be believed then:

Now the second one is a bit scary because that covers more than half of the kids which means parents needs to be more cautious and more vigilant with regards to what their kid is eating. You guys might be interested in this

 Infographic: The World's Biggest Chocolate Consumers | Statista

The above graph is a clear indication why Australian kids are so much into eating sweets and candies and chocolates. If this stat baffled you then you will be surprised to know that consumption of soft drinks within Australia

stats for soft drink consumption


More than 50% of kids between the age of 14-18 years consume soft drinks. So its my earnest request to the parents that please keep track of what your kids consume because eventually its their health that is getting affected.

  • Within the time frame 1987-88 and 2004-06 there was a survey conducted which revealed a decrease in the tooth decay among the adults.
  • In 1994 nearly 31.4% and in 2008 nearly 39.9% kids within the age of 15 years were found to be affected negatively with dental health. This was primarily because of the erratic eating habits and regular consumption of soft drinks and energy drinks.
  • In a survey conducted in 2004-06 it was found out that more than 1/4th of men (26.8%) were suffering from from gum disease. 
  • It was also found that between 1994-2010 there was an increase in the number of kids in the age of 15 years who were suffering from negative impacts of dental health.
  • As per the reports between 1987-88 and 2004-06 it was found that there was a downfall in the number of teeth affected by tooth decay and this chart is a clear picture of what happened

dental caries

More Facts

  • In 2004-2006, 3 in 10 adults within the age of 25-44 had untreated tooth decay.
  • 28.2% male had untreated decay as compared to 22.7% females.
  • 8.14% female had filling done as compared to 7.4%.
  • 2.7% of people in the age of 15-24 had gum disease and 53.4% people of 65 years old had gum disease. 

So these were some of the interesting facts related to Dental Facts of Australian Citizens. You need to keep one thing in mind – No matter where you are and no matter where you go one thing that you need to maintain is your health and especially your oral health. So stay healthy and stay happy.

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