Dental Facts to blow you mind

Our teeth are wonderful creation. Why? Because they tolerate everything we do to them. They are designed to chew hard and soft eatables and at times ice as well. They are designed to bear the brunt caused by smoking and drinking soda and liquor. In short they are built to endure a lot of things. Just imagine if you do not have teeth how would you look and how will you talk, chew and smile? So it’s important for us to give our teeth the due respect that they deserve and these dental facts might be helpful for you to take a stand for your teeth:

  1. If eating sweet is bad then damage done by sour food is worst.

Acidic foods are second biggest culprit for our teeth. Cold Drinks, Sour Candy, Fruit Juices fall in the category of Acidic Food. They impact our teeth by softening them. Once our tooth becomes soft it is easy for chemicals to spoil them; the result is Enamel Erosion and reduced tooth size. It has been proved that Citric Acid, which is present in many eatables, is the biggest enemy of our teeth. Many dentists even say that they see cases of dental erosion every day. As a dentist the worst nightmares that we face are: ultra sour teeth, ultra sticky and ultra sugary kids’ candies. The reason why we do not suggest or even encourage these eatables is that they are proved to contain really Low pH level; almost equal to battery acid.

The Enamel of kids is soft and is not matured until they are 10 years. Now because their enamel is soft it is more susceptible to erosion.

  1. Who said that that strongest substance can’t break? Enamel can break

Surprised? But it is the fact. We all buy a box of popcorn when we go for a movie. But do you know that popcorn can chip your teeth. Most of us have the habit of chewing ice; this chips our teeth. Some are so prone to follow latest fashion trends that we pierce our tongue and lips; the ring rubs against the teeth and the metal releases bacteria which also aid in chipping off the surface. Remember that once you have chipped your teeth it cannot re-grow. Your tooth is built to chew food and not to open beer or soda bottles. So make good use of them and ensure healthy gum, teeth and enamel.

  1. Tooth Loss can occur anytime e.rr I mean any age

Those who think that tooth loss occur when we are kids and when we grow old; I would like to give a little heads up to them. There is no age for tooth loss. The most common teeth that we miss at a very early age are Wisdom Teeth and Lateral Incisors. The most obvious reasons for Tooth loss is gum disease and cavities.

  1. Fluoride is not good for your teeth

Oh No!! Don’t get me wrong. Fluoride is good for teeth as it keeps them healthy but when it comes to kids’ dental health it is not good if taken in high quantity. They can develop a condition called as Fluorosis. This condition can be identified as white spots on teeth which might even become brown. Kids will not face this problem by brushing but swallowing it. Excessive Fluoride can cause their teeth to be porous. The only way to make sure they avoid doing that is by monitoring them while they brush their teeth.

  1. Cavities can be caused by Braces

 It is practically impossible to remove your metallic braces so while brushing make sure that you brush well otherwise food, bacteria and acid that is stuck around the braces can peel off the enamel. And let me tell you that the result isn’t that impressive. You will develop cavities around braces.

In this era, we all need that perfect celebrity smile with white and shinier teeth. However we still do not care for our teeth and are too complacent towards it. So let’s just put in a little effort to ensure that we have that perfect pearly white teeth.

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