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Have you ever tried to open a bottle of beer with your teeth? Have you ever tried to break walnut with the help of your teeth? If yes then guys its time to show some respect to our teeth. This part of our body is here to fix the brunt of many substances and not taking care of it will ensure that you suffer from dental problems in the long run.

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Our teeth are designed to chew had and soft substances and not for anything else. We need to ensure that we follow a proper dental hygiene to achieve healthy teeth. Do you know that almost 90% bad breath is not because of brushing properly? In fact it is caused by bad oral hygiene. Proper Oral Hygiene includes Regular brushing, flossing, eating and drinking healthily.

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People also believe that having white and shinier teeth is the sign of healthy teeth however that’s not true. You need to understand that your teeth are not there to shine bright (although it looks good to have shinier teeth). A healthier teeth means teeth without any dental problem. So to avoid that you need to ensure that you brush properly and regularly and floss as well. I have mentioned times and again that the ideal duration of brushing is 2-3 minutes and twice daily but on an average we brush for 75 seconds and once a day. And do not worry about your enamel as it will not be harmed by brushing more than once.

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It really doesn’t matter if your teeth are white or yellow, you need to see your dentist pretty often so that he can gauge or understand whether or not you need to undergo treatment or not. So make sure to visit your dentist every six months for a regular examination. This will ensure that if at all there is any problem, it will be detected at an early stage.

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There is no rocket science involved in achieving that healthy mouth. Its simple B&F – Brushing and Flossing. Eating and Drinking healthy food and drinks will also ensure that you have a healthy mouth. Make sure you do not opt for drinks that are acidic. So until next time Keep Smiling and Stay Healthy

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