Dental Health: Avoid these five drinks for healthy mouth

To stay healthy we all indulge in all sorts of habits such as – quitting smoking, joining a gym and even healthy eating habit. It is downright important to know and understand what you eat and drink. What you eat and drink determines the health of internal organs and it also defines your dental health. 

Some foods are acidic even though they are nutritious. You still need to avoid such acidic foods because they directly impact your dental health and can cause problem such as enamel erosion, mouth ulcers and many other dental problems. Today’s point of discussion is not about the eatables instead it is about the drinks that you should be avoiding so your dental health doesn’t go for a toss.


We all have seen a commercial where a soda was spreading happiness and smile but the truth is soda does nothing but harm your teeth and gums. Consumption of soda causes cavities and also deteriorates the enamel. Would you be interested in knowing or watching how your dental health is affected? Then have a look at this video by BuzzFeedBlue

Well soda and any beverage does a whole lot of damage to an extent that you might have to get your tooth extracted. So soda does not spread happiness, remember that.


This is known to kick start your day. For some people a coffee acts as a fuel to run their day. It affects your dental health by giving your white teeth a yellow color. The dentin of your teeth gets exposed which gives you the yellow color. If you are one of those individuals who cannot suppress their coffee craving then this is 28 second video by Smile Spa is a must watch:


So coffee does not satisfy your morning urge then tea is the best alternative. Millions of people have this habit of drinking tea early morning and it then that they are able to leave their bed. Well there are not much disadvantages of tea but then it depends upon the flavor and the number of time you consume it. So a green is good as it contains anti-oxidants and on the other hand a black tea is known to stain your teeth just like coffee. So choose the flavor wisely. Check out this video by Style Craze which gives you an insight on how green tea is better for your overall body health


When you are in a party it goes by default that you will be consuming wine, beer or any premium scotch. At that point in time we do not realize the affect it has on our overall body and dental health. Alcoholic drinks are strong and directly affect your enamel and also causes damage to your liver. Once the enamel is attacked by the acids present in alcohol it will start to wear and you might end up feeling sensitive teeth. To deeply understand the effect of alcohol check out the video by Robo Suzie and Health

Sports Drinks

This is used to energize the body of all sports enthusiasts after a tiring session of working out. However you should know that these drinks are really high on acidic content and are known to damage your enamel just like soda. Check out this video from Southeast Family Dental which describes the effects of health drinks on your dental health

What should you drink for better Dental Health?

Well here I would like to add that every other drink is not bad for your dental health. Even if you crave for soda and energy drinks then you have the option of drinking them with a straw. Furthermore tap water is the best source of fluoride and will never cause tooth decay. Drinking milk is good for your bones and teeth as it supplies calcium. It helps in building the bones of your jaw. It’s good to enjoy these drinks but then understand the fact that too much of something is not good at all.

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