Teeth in one day: That’s the magic of Dental Implant in Thailand

Tourism plays a vital role in boosting the economy of a particular nation. Many countries in the world get their revenue generated just by tourism itself. South East Asian countries have a great contribution towards the World Economy. In 2014 the South Asian Countries contributed to 6.9% of GDP whereas the South East Asian countries contributed to 5% of the GDP. All this was possible because of various options of dental treatment options available. For example Thailand has dental treatment options such as Dental Implant in Thailand, Teeth Whitening in Bangkok, Root Canal Treatment in Bangkok, Dentures in Samui and many other.

Dental Tourism in Thailand

Now, when we talk about the South East Asian region, Thailand is the most popular tourist destination. It is called as Land of Smiles and has some really fascinating and chilled out beaches. The northern part of Thailand comprises of mountains whereas the southern part is popular for beaches. Tourism contributed to nearly 20% of Thailand’s GDP in 2013 and perhaps this is the reason why Thailand was nominated as Top Tourist Destinations”. This has given Thailand the 10th rank among its competitors.

There were nearly 26.5 million international travelers. Thailand’s rising economy has put this country into the ranks of the top industrialized countries of the world. There was a time when this country was considered as an exporter of rice and perhaps the largest exporter of rice but now things are different for Thais. The healthcare system has been completely revamped by the Thai Government as now they have world class facilities, instruments and technology to support the other face of tourism, The Dental Tourism.

When we talk about dental treatment, then it must be noted that in US, UK and other EU countries the dental treatment is way too expensive. Moreover if you think of getting a reconstruction or cosmetic work done on your teeth in these countries, then you will give it a second thought.

In US, the insurance companies just cover the basic dental problems and this is the very reason why most of the Americans are without dental coverage. This perhaps is the reason why Thailand has gained so much popularity in Dental Tourism.

Why choose Dental Implant in Thailand

Thailand now features in the top medical tourism destinations and stands at par with India, Singapore and Malaysia. Thailand’s state of art medical infrastructures has attracted many American Nationals. Furthermore Thailand also gets clients from Middle East, Cambodia, Vietnam and many other EU Countries. Dental Implants in US costs around $4250 where-as Dental Implants in Bangkok costs a maximum $3125. This price difference is the main reason for Travelers from US, UK and EU Countries to avail or seek help from Dentists in Thailand.

Bangkok Dentistry is gaining popularity not just because of the low cost but also because of the qualified and trained Dentists in Bangkok. Also as a matter of fact 32 hospitals in Thai are now JCI accredited and as a “matter of surprise” it is more than that in its neighboring countries. We at Dr. Sunil International Dental Center have always been sprawled by visitors who have expressed interest in Dental Implant in Thailand. The main reason is that we currently have the best dentists in Thailand and our Thailand Dental Packages are a deal which no patient denies.

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Having said that, Thailand yet remains and continues to be a leader in terms of medical tourism because this is the country where Hospitality and Healthcare meets the medical demands of people from different countries in a very affordable price.

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