Dental Problem: A comprehensive guide

If you feel that you have dental problems then you’re not the only one globally who has to deal with it. Dental Problem of any sort is not good for your gums and also your overall body. The thing is our mouth is vulnerable to all sorts of diseases and problems. The moment we start neglecting it our problems increase. We have always been advised to brush twice a day followed by flossing but hardly do we indulge ourselves in this oral hygiene method. Today’s point of discussion is the types of Dental Problem we go through and how they can be prevented.

Dental Problem#1: Dry Mouth

Often called as xerostomia, this is a dental problem which is caused due to lack of saliva in out mouth. Saliva is required for multiple reasons such as cleaning of mouth, digesting out food and washing away of harmful bacteria. This is a very uncomfortable type of dental problem and if not treated in time will also increases the chances of Tooth Decay. In case you have been taking a heavy dose of medicine then you are at a higher risk of falling prey to this dental problem. Dry Mouth is common among women between the age 50-60. This happens because of the metabolic changes that happen within your body.

The best way to avoid this dental problem is by keeping sugar free chewing gum with you always. Also you need to ensure that you avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol. Furthermore drink plenty of water. Even after all this your mouth feels dry then the best option is to visit your dentist.

Dental Problem#2: Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

This condition affects the area below the ears and above the jaws. You might start suffering from Teeth Grinding problems. Almost everyone suffers from this Dental Problem. This is very common during early years of childhood and for people who are stressed or those who have faced some kind of accident which has caused injury to their jaw. This condition leads to worn out, sensitive teeth and may also lead to sore jaw, headache, neck ache and ear ache.

The moment you feel that there is some kind of pain while chewing food or if you feel that your jaw is moving partially it is time to see your dentist. He/She might suggest you some relaxation exercises, certain medicines or might even suggest you to be on a liquid diet for sometime. With regards to grinding that happens mostly during night your dentist will give you a mouth guard.

Dental Problem#3: Oral Cancer

If you detect a small, pale, red painless lump on your mouth then it is a sign of Oral Cancer. This basically is caused due to smoking and chewing tobacco.

The best option – Quit Smoking and Tobacco.


It’s a wrap from my side. Now that you know three of the top dental problems it is time that you start working out on yourself. Anything else you want to add then feel free to comment.

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