Dental Problems with Kids

Kid’s unmet dental health needs raise profound questions about the education of health professionals, including dentists, and physicians for kids and their families. Dental health is fundamental to general health and well-being. A healthy mouth enables an individual to speak, eat and socialize without experiencing disease and discomfort. Kids who suffer from poor oral health are 12 times more prone to have restricted-activity days than those who do not. Millions of school hours are lost annually because of oral health problems which affect kid’s performance at school and success in later life

Dental health is an essential and integral component of health throughout life. No one can be truly healthy unless he or she is free from the burden of oral diseases conditions. Millions of kids experience dental caries, periodontal diseases, and cleft lip and cleft palate, resulting in needless pain and suffering; difficulty in speaking, chewing, and swallowing; increased costs of care; loss of self-esteem; decreased economic productivity through lost work and school days; and, in extreme cases, death.

Poor dental health and untreated oral diseases and conditions can have a significant impact on quality of life. Millions of kids are at high risk for oral health problems because of underlying medical or handicapping conditions ranging from very rare inborn (genetic) diseases. Dental pain affects a substantial proportion of the kids population.

Many other genetic (inborn) disease and developmental disabilities of childhood have oral components. Dental injuries are common and are a frequent site for kid’s abuse injuries.

Dental health encompasses all the immunologic, sensory, neuromuscular, and structural functions of the mouth and craniofacial complex. It influences and is related to nutrition and growth, pulmonary health, speech production, communication, self-image, and social functioning. Oral health includes the interrelationship with all aspects of the kid’s developmental processes, genetic potential, and environmental circumstances.

Kids are not able to reveal their problems so parents should be actively aware about kid’s oral health. So by educating parents and their families; kid’s dental issues could be timely controlled, prevent and treated.  Through increased access to appropriate and timely care, individuals can enjoy improved oral health. Barriers to care include cost; lack of dental insurance, public programs, and fear of dental visits. Additionally, some people with limited oral health literacy may not be able to find or understand information and services.

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