Surprising Interesting Dental Facts [Infographics]

Teeth are not just teeth. They are precious gems fixed inside our mouth. These are gems that indirectly help us buy food or luxuries. How? Well if you have healthy mouth and gums you will be physically fit as well. The overall health is directly proportional to the health of mouth. So if you are fit and healthy you feel good every day. Whenever I talk about fitness there is one quote that always pops up in my mind:

Well that’s true as it can be. I mean literally. We do not want to get into any wrestling match with anyone to prove our prowess but instead we want to be fit because a fit person can do things that an unfit person cannot. You also need to remember that

How about paying attention this line :  Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today. Now imagine you have yellow crooked teeth and when you smile people laugh at you!! Aah well that’s embarrassing I know. So the mantra here is to keep a healthy mouth and spread the beautiful smile.

Having said all that come lets take a look at Some Suprisingly Interesting Dental Facts


Now that I have surprised you with these interesting facts, there is one more fact that you need to know – A healthy mouth is a result of following some really healthy habits. Brushing two times for two minutes and flossing is the key for that pearly white teeth. So until next time Take Care and Keep Smiling. 

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