Dental Treatments in Thailand

Dental Treatments in Thailand has gained immense popularity. The reason for such huge popularity is the cost and most importantly the treatment procedure. Over the last few years dentistry has gain tremendous popularity so much so that patients now prefer travelling to Thailand rather than to any other South East Asian or South Asian countries.

But then it should also be noted that there are multiple dental clinics which have been set up there. Cost definitely is the factor but at the same time we need to be certain about the quality of treatment and the treatment procedures that they follow. Today’s blog is about the top treatments offered in Thailand.

Dental Treatments in Thailand

a) Full Mouth Reconstruction

This is also called as mouth restoration or even as rehabilitation. There are many clinics who offer personalized and customized treatment procedure. The procedure involves treatment of individual teeth in our mouth. The reason why a patient has to undergo this treatment is when their teeth are worn out, broken or missing. Such conditions causes problem in eating and also causes embarrassment in public gathering. The solution includes – Crown, Bridges, Root Canal and Implant Work. 

b) Tooth Whitening

This is one of the most common treatment procedure which is carried out and followed globally. The reason why patient undergo this treatment is to remove stains and yellow tinge from their teeth. The two popular methods involved in this treatment are In-Office Bleaching (Light Accelerated) and Home Bleaching (Tray and Gel Bleaching). 

c) Ceramic Crown and Bridges

This is again a dental restoration procedure. However it covers the entire tooth or dental implant. Patients undergo this treatment so as to protect weak tooth from deep and large decay which cannot be fix by normal filling or to hold together parts of a cracked tooth.


Dental Treatments in Thailand is not just related to the lower cost but the quality of treatment is such that people from Australia, New Zealand, US and many European Countries, India and many more travel here. So don’t you think that this should be your next travel destination not just for leisure but also for dental treatments? Do let me know in the comments.

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