Dental Visit: Why are they so important?

It is really important for every individual to take good care of their teeth. Brushing and Flossing are two most important aspects which maintains our dental health. Dental Visit is also another factor that contributes towards the healthier mouth, gums and teeth.

Dental visit is generally dental checkup and it is mandatory for us to undergo these dental checkups every six months. Regular checkups which is followed by professional cleaning are important so that we get healthier teeth and gums. It also ensures that our teeth lasts longer than usual and will also prevent any painful problems. It has also been recommended to take your kids for dental visit. This will keep you up-to-date with any sort of dental problems existing or will give you an indication of any upcoming problems. It will be difficult for your kids to stay at the dental clinic and this is the reason why it is recommended for dentist to keep the ambiance of their dental clinic amusing.

Dental Visit: What to expect on first day

On your first day of the visit your dentist will take the entire history of health. After the first visit in case your health has changed, (good or bad) it becomes important to inform your dentist. You will be clueless as to what’s going to happen on the first day of the visit which is why we have listed down the standard procedures that take place on the first day of your dental visit:


The first day of your dental visit will always start with thorough cleaning. Your dental hygienist will makes sure that he/she uses instruments or equipment of highest quality. Using those instruments they will remove the plaque which would have been built along and below the gum line. The idea of removing the plaque and tartar is to avoid any sort of a gum disease, dental cavities, halitosis and any other problems. They will also polish your teeth and will also recommend methods to keep your mouth and gums healthy.

Dental Examination

A thorough examination of your teeth will be performed so as to gauge the health of teeth, gums and mouth. This is done to look for signs of any gum disease or any other dental problems. If at all there is any problem present it will be easy to cure them.


At times during the dental visit your dentist will recommend x-rays. However this depends upon a lot of things. It depends upon your age, the type of dental problems and risk of oral diseases. The reason why you might have to undergo this procedure so that the diseases which were missed out can be detected. In case of pregnant ladies it is better to inform your dentist before hand so that you do not undergo X-Ray procedure.

It doesn’t matter whether you have perfectly aligned jaws and teeth, you must come for dental visits twice a year. However many people avoid dental visits because of a condition which is called as Dental Phobia or Dental Anxiety. The best way to avoid this problem is by speaking with your friends and families, doing a research online, talking about these feelings to the dentist which you have chosen, asking your dentist questions related to the treatment and the best way is to just relax.


It is important for us to undergo dental checkups to ensure good health and sound knowledge about our teeth and gums. Did I miss out on anything? Do let me know in the comments.

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