Dentures and its types

Dentures are removable aesthetics which is used when a patient loses his/her teeth. These are made out of acrylic or at times they are a combination of acrylic and metal. Dentures also helps in restoring your smile and ability to eat in a normal manner. During the times when you have lost all the teeth due to gum disease or tooth decay or any sort of injury, Dentures are the best option. The reason your dentist will suggest you to undergo this treatment is because it makes a lot easy to speak, eat and smile.

Dentures and its types

When you start losing your teeth the muscles on your face will start to sag and this will give you an older look (which obviously you won’t like). Dentures help you regain that look and feel of your face. Your dentist will make them look more or less like your teeth.


Well now let us have a look at the different types of these removable aesthetics

1. Conventional Type

This is the most common types. These removable dentures are placed inside your mouth after your dentist would have removed all the teeth and after the tissues have healed. The healing of tissues takes really long so you would have to wait for the healing procedure to be over.

2. Immediate Type

This is one such denture which is placed in your mouth the day when all the teeth have been removed. During your first visit your dentist will take the measurement of your teeth and will prepare the model of your jaw. The best part of this type is that you do not have to be toothless during the healing time.

3. Overdenture

This fits over a small number of the left over natural teeth. This happens only after your dentist has prepared the dentures.

To be honest with you, it will be really uncomfortable for you put on those dentures initially. But within a few weeks you will be accustomed to them. They may feel lose and the muscles on your cheek and tongue will try to keep them in place. While in the phase of being accustomed with the new add-on’s in your mouth you will experience increased saliva flow and irritation. But as time will pass by these sensations will disappear. Do not forget to see your dentist time and again.

Wearing dentures does not mean that you do not have to follow the basic dental hygiene. It is downright important for you to do so. Just like your teeth your dentures also deserve the care and compassion. Brush them regularly to remove any food stuck in between and plaque as well.


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