Lets talk seriously funny facts about teeth

It has been told that brushing and flossing are two very important aspects of teeth cleaning. However how many of us actually do that? How many of us brush our teeth twice in a day for two minutes? I bet out of 100 only 20 people would say yes.

Just like this, these are a few other facts that will shock you:
a. Do you know that if you have sore jaw and chest pain together, you are prone for heart attack? This is especially true for females.
b. In a lifetime an average American spends 38.5 days in brushing.
c. 73% of Americans do not shop for Floss instead they prefer shopping for groceries.
d. There is a huge risk in keeping your toothbrush in the toilet. Flush releases airborne particles that are hazardous for health.
e. The average expenditure of North America kids on chewing gum is half a billion dollars.
f. People now have healthier mouth as compared to what was 10 years ago.
g. 40% of youth in the age of 6-19 have cavities. A decade ago it was 80%.
h. In the last one decade there has been a decline of 8% (from 33% to 25%) in tooth loss among the people of the age of 60.
i. Smokers are more prone to lose all their teeth as compared to those who do not smoke.

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