Enamel Decay: The beginning and cure

Our mouth being the first point of contact for anything we consume has to undergo a lot of trauma. When I talk about trauma I do not mean some sort of accident, instead I mean that it has to taste the acidic foods, soda fizz, and nicotine from cigarettes. All these stuff that we consume has an adverse affect on tooth enamel. Enamel Decay is one of the most common dental problem that we face. However it is more common among kids. Tooth enamel helps in protecting the dentin and once enamel decay starts you will start feeling tooth sensitivity. Enamel will start changing its color once bacteria starts to attack it. This is the first sign of enamel decay.

We all know that enamel is the hardest substance in human body. The enamel is mainly composed of a mineral called as hydroxyapatite. The natural color of enamel is not white instead it is slightly yellow and at times grayish white. Being translucent in nature the color of tooth’s inner area contributes towards the overall appearance.

You do not feel the the effects of enamel decay because tooth does not have any living cells. The decay happens because of acid attacks and once enamel starts to wear away it does not revive again.

Stages of Enamel Decay

During early stages enamel decay can be reversed. However if we neglect it cavities starts to form and the last resort you have is seeking dental help. During the early stages you will see white patches on tooth and this is the time when you need to start improving your dental habits. You really need to take care of your teeth at this point in time because it will prevent the enamel decay from increasing.

If the decay is neglected your tooth will turn light brown and then eventually dark brown. During the last stages your enamel will breakdown completely and this will give access to acid. Acids will enter the soft part of your teeth and will form cavity. If treatment is not done on time the cavities will grow even more and this will result in pain.

Prevention of Enamel Decay

Once the enamel starts decaying it cannot regrow. However with the help of fluoride it can regain the minerals which it has lost during the decay process. People suffering from enamel decay are suggested to use fluoride in right quantity so that it can enable enamel to grow.

This is the reason why we have been suggested to brush twice a day. Apart from brushing twice we need to ensure that we floss so that any left over food debris can be removed. If food is still stuck between our tooth it will lead to plaque formation and eventually you might end up suffering from periodontal disease. You must also use fluoridated mouthwash for fresh breath.

So take good care of your teeth and stay healthy.

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