Enamel – Erosion and how to Restore

We have always believed the fact that enamel is the strongest tissue in the human body. Well yes it is and the other fact is that it is the one that gets affected first. After all what we eat and drink has to touch the enamel and then move down our system. This is the reason why I have emphasized on the fact that we need to take extreme caution of what we eat because we definitely do not want our teeth to be like this –


Well for obvious reason we love our tooth because when we smile that’s the first thing anyone notices and it is pretty embarrassing to showoff chipped and yellow teeth. This is why it is imperative for us to maintain a proper dental hygiene.

Enamel Erosion

To put it across in simple terms this is condition when the enamel starts to deteriorate. The role of enamel is to protect our teeth but with our erratic eating habits we tend to spoil it time and again. The erosion happens when we make our tooth undergo extreme conditions such opening the cap of the beer bottle, chewing ice, smoking, drinking alcohol, chewing tobacco and eating acidic foods. Even the energy drinks or the juices that we drink have the tendency of eroding the enamel because they contain acids.

It is not just the conditions that are mentioned above which erodes our enamel. There are environmental conditions as well such as:

• Attrition: Caused primarily by teeth grinding.
• Abrasion: Caused when you brush too hard. Always remember you have to brush your teeth and not fight with them.
• Ab-fraction: Caused by fractures in your teeth. So next time when you think of opening a beer bottle or try to eat your nail keep this in mind that your enamel is facing the brunt.
• Corrosion: Consumption of acidic substances corrodes and eventually erodes our enamel.

In case you are suffering from a recurrent disease because of which you are under medication and you experience vomiting time and again then you must be prepared for Enamel Erosion. Even Plaque formation is responsible for enamel erosion because the bacteria which forms plaque releases acids which eventually attacks our enamel.

After affects of Enamel Erosion:

Once the enamel is eroded you will start observing that your teeth are getting discolored. You will start observing a yellowish tinge in your teeth which is the exposure of dentin. Furthermore because the upper layer of tooth is getting eroded the nerves inside will also be exposed which will result in tooth sensitivity. So whenever you will eat something cold, hot or spicy you will have a terrible pain in your teeth. You will also have chipped and crooked teeth teeth because the outer layer of teeth starts to remove. In such a situation when you have these after affects you need to see your dentist immediately. These conditions will result in cavity formation and will eventually lead to tooth decay.

How to avoid

Its simple: Brushing twice a day + Floss at least once + Use Mouthwash. Apart from this avoid acidic food, avoid soda and definitely give up cigarette and tobacco. When drinking soda make sure you do it via straw.


Although enamel seems to be the most toughest tissue in the human body we need to understand that it is highly vulnerable as well. So it is recommended and advised that we take good care of it and keep visiting our dentist time and again so that it stays healthy and our overall body also stays healthy.

To read more about Enamel Erorion and Restoration: Click Here

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