End your relation with Bad Dental Habits – Stay Healthy

Maintaining Oral Hygiene is the thumb rule for healthy gums and teeth. Oral Health not just relates to healthy gums and teeth, but also for overall health. This process is too easy to follow, but we are in the habit of inculcating things that affect us adversely. So if you really want healthy teeth and healthy gums, you are requested to brush your teeth daily at least 2 times in a day. Furthermore, you need to floss daily along with brushing your teeth. Alone brushing will not remove the plaque from your teeth. Flossing is equally important and it is advisable that you floss every time you brush your teeth.

Teeth may look strong and non-penetrable but still this is one such part of our body that gets affected pretty easily. We need to understand that teeth is not just a composition of enamel (the strongest compound on Earth after diamond), it is a composition of a network of important parts and nerves. These important parts are the one that gets affected by cavities, tooth decay and periodontal disease. We all can visit dentists anytime we want but if we pay attention to some oral hygiene and how they are done, then we will be able to break our relations with bad dental habits.

Floss Gently:

If you want a healthy mouth and a healthy lifestyle, then you must remember the old saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. You need to regularly brush your teeth and floss as well. But remember that this is not a war between you and your teeth. It’s a war between you and Plaque that is hiding in your teeth so you need be too gentle with flossing. If you are too aggressive with flossing you may injure your delicate gums

Gentle Brushing:

Flossing and Brushing are brother-in-arms. They go hand in hand. So if you are flossing gently you need to brush gently as well. As mentioned the war is between you and plaque and plaque is afraid of gentle brushing and flossing. When you brush too hard you will be prone to receding gums and if roots gets exposed you will develop tooth decay.

Stay Calm and Brush:

Any important task or decision that we take is a result of patience that we have in us. Similarly, when you eat something, then do not just jump towards your brush and start rubbing your teeth. Wait for at least 30 minutes and then brush. We have a habit of eating and drinking together. When we do this our enamel starts to get softened and it takes 30 minutes to revitalize or restrengthen. So brush only after 30 minutes of eating and in the morning also do not just jump on your tooth brush the moment you get up. Relax, Stay Calm and Brush.

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