Everything you need to know about MouthWash

If toothpaste helps maintain clean mouth, mouthwash helps you get that fresh breath. Toothbrush and Flossing goes hand in hand accompanied by Mouthwash. However we need to understand that getting a clean mouth is just like a battle which cannot be won alone. So the ideal combination to get a clean mouth is Brushing of Teeth + Flossing + Use of Mouthwash.

We all know that Bad Breath is a result of the bacteria that resides in our mouth causing Dental Plaque. These bacteria releases sulfur compounds which causes the foul smell. Mouthwash is manufactured in such a way that it reduces the smell temporarily because they either reduce the level of bacteria or lessen the compounds. The fact is that everyone suffers from some sort of bad breath but then there are many people who suffer from Chronic Bad Breath popularly known as Halitosis. For these people suffering from Halitosis, mouthwash is of no help. For them the best available option is to see their dentist. Halitosis is caused by other problem such as Tooth Decay, Dry Mouth, Gum Disease or any such Dental Problem. 

Following proper dental habit remains still the most important aspect of attaining that beautiful smile but then bad breath is intermittent and can be hidden for sometime. So the way you use your mouthwash has a very important role to play. Come lets discuss what are the two types of mouthwash that are available in market which will help you get fresh breath:

1. Cosmetic Mouthwash:

The contain Fluoride and help prevents tooth decay. They also help in getting fresh breath. I would like to mention that the effect is not long lasting and does not cure Halitosis. The anti-bacterial mouthwash reduces bacteria (does not eliminate it) and also removes food debris.

2. Therapeutic Mouthwash:

These mouthwashes help in reducing oral problems. You can use them to fight Dental Plaque, or Gingiva. However here I would like to add that these mouthwashes will not cure Periodontal disease. You will have to seek help from your dentist to cure gum disease.  

You need to swish the mouthwash for 30 seconds and then spit it out. Do not eat or drink anything for next 30 minutes and most importantly do not smoke if you need long lasting result.

We all love fresh breath and with the availability of such materials in the market it is easier for us to get that fresh breath and confidence. So keep smiling and stay healthy.

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