Get your teeth checked in Thailand next time

As you all know that Thailand has gained a lot of popularity in terms of tourism and specially medical tourism. Moreover Dental Tourism has also picked up alot in the recent years. The decision to get Dental Treatment in Thailand or not is completely your’s however I will be giving some valid points and of course suggestions that might to some extent change your mind.

1. Cost of Dental Treatment in Thailand – 

You would be aware of the fact that there many things and facilities that are cheap and cost effective in Thailand. Be it shopping or accommodation, they are all very cheap. Similarly the cost of Dental Treatment in Thailand is also affordable.

If you intend to undergo- two root canals, with porcelain crowns, plus three simple fillings- this will cost you approx $5000 in US and the same treatment will cost you $2500 in Thailand.

2. Multiple treatment facilities –

If cost does not impress you then there are multiple treatment options that are available. You can undergo cleanings and scalings, to fillings and root canals, to invasive procedures like bridges and dental implants. Thailand is also the place where you can undergo Cosmetic Dentistry from porcelain veneers to laser teeth whitening. One word of advice – If you are prone to sensitivity then consult your dentist before undergoing Teeth Whitening.  

Nowadays Dental Clinics in Thailand are coming up with some eye catching offers. As per these the clinics are offering free pick up and stay at their own facilities. So this becomes another reason to attract more tourists and patients.

Suggestions – 

Me being a Dentist in Thailand have a word of advice for you. Although the treatment cost is affordable but still before visiting any dentist or taking an appointment do some research about the dentist and the clinic. You can get all the information online. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Pattaya has many options for dental treatment but then still check the procedures on their websites, read the testimonials given by some patients and if available check the photo gallery which will be a definite proof of the operating procedures.

With these points and suggestions I hope you might have been convinced with the fact that Thailand is definitely and truly The Land of Smiles. 

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