Gum Problems

When we talk about Dental Health we just think about the teeth but there is more to Dental Health than just teeth. Cavities are a matter of concern but do not forget the gums because they actually form the basis of a healthy mouth.

While brushing or just in normal situation if you notice that your gums are bleeding or swollen then this is an indication of Gum Disease and should be shown to your dentist without a second thought. There are many reasons causing Gum Problems. To be honest, no matter what problems you are facing in your gums there are methods and ways you can avoid it.

  • Gums and Brushing Methods –

Many people think that brushing vigorously will help maintain clean white teeth. This is a misconception. The harder you brush the more chances of gums getting damaged s they are made out of softer tissues. You can choose either a manual or electric brush but make sure you chose the one with soft bristles. Hard bristles or Medium Bristles damages the enamel and can also lead to gum problems as gums also get damaged by these bristles. While brushing you need to take care that the motion should be circular and gentle. This ensures entire teeth are brushed properly and will also avoid gums being affected.

  • Gums and Flossing Technique –

Flossing is one of the very important part post brushing or eating. The reason is that this helps you to remove any debris that is present or left over. It helps to remove plaque from places where your toothbrush cannot reach. Just like gentle brushing you need to make sure that the you gently slide the floss between your teeth to ensure healthy gum and teeth.

Nearly 3/4th American adults who are over 35 years of age suffer from Gum Disease. Certain people suffer from Gingivitis which is less severe but nearly 15% suffer from a sever one called as periodontitis. The reason for gums to suffer is because lack of oral health which gives birth to bacteria inside your mouth and these bacteria causes plaque to develop resulting in gum problem. In case you suffer from gingivitis at an early stage it can be cured but if left unnoticed then it may result in tooth loss.

When gingivitis is left uncured or untreated it can take the shape of periodontitis. This weakens the gums and teeth and completely damages them. You need to visit a dentist in case you feel or observe any of the following symptoms –

  1. Difference in a way teeth fit together.
  2. You observe deep pockets between gums and teeth.
  3. There is bleeding from the gums before and after brushing.
  4. Loose teeth.
  5. Constant bad breath and or bad taste in your mouth.
  6. Red or Swollen or Tender Gums.

Just follow the tips and be a little observant so that you do not miss your beautiful smile. Keep Smiling!!

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