Healthy Teeth = Healthy Mouth

Its a regular daily habit of getting out of bed (I know its tough to leave that place) and thereafter getting fresh. getting fresh involves brushing your teeth on a regular basis. But do you brush your teeth or do you fight with your gums in an attempt to brush your teeth. This article will tell you 9 essential steps to get that fresh breath and maintain your social presence.

1. Rinsing before brush and after your meals – 


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You need to make sure that after you have had your meal rinse your mouth for good 30 seconds so that you can remove any debris that is present. Same applies for after you’ve brushed your teeth.

2. Use floss –


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Get a large piece of floss and use between your teeth but be careful as it may make your gums bleed. The ideal way to use a floss is to make it move in C shape. The advantage of using floss before brushing is that it will allow the flouride from toothpaste to reach between your teeth.

3. Rinse you toothbrush before brushing – 

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Its not followed but this ensures that the bristles are soft and does not hurt the gums. Furthermore there is another misconception that more the toothpaste the whiter the teeth is. However whenever you brush your teeth just pea sized toothpaste.

4. Brush Gently:


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After all they are your gums and teeth, not your enemies. You do not have fight with them. The pattern should be brushing the ones at the back then brushing the sides and backs of each tooth and then gently brush the gums.

5. Dont just brush your teeth, brush your whole mouth – 


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Yes that is correct. A fresh breath is a result of proper brushing of whole mouth rather than just teeth. After you have brushed your teeth brush the top of the mouth, then the tongue and then rinse your mouth to remove the paste. Furthermore you need to brush your teeth again without using any more toothpaste.

6. Use Listerine or good antiseptic mouthwash – 


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After you have brushed your teeth and before rinsing with water, use a good antiseptic mouth wash specially Listerine to rinse your mouth. This will ensure fresh breath and clean mouth.

7. Brush more – 

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Brushing should not be just your routine to start off the day. To ensure you maintain that fresh breath you need to brush at least twice or thrice a day.

8. Use of Baking Soda – 


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Do it just one time in a week because baking soda will spoil your enamel. But this is effective in maintaining white teeth. Dip your toothbrush in baking until all the bristles are covered in baking soda and start brushing for 2-3 minutes.

9. Rinse thoroughly to complete the mouth wash – 


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Once you have completed all the steps of brushing then rinse your mouth so that any remains can be removed. Rinse thoroughly so that the entire mouth is covered.

Follow these easy tips (with ofcourse no rocket science) and it will ensure you have a fresh breath all day long. So keep smiling.

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