Is diabetes and oral problems related?

Well there are many reason for one to develop a gum disease. But you would be surprised to know that Diabetes is one of the major causes of gum disease. Diabetes is one such problem which can cause dental problems. The fact is diabetes will affect the ability of fighting the bacteria in the mouth and with the increase in the blood sugar level will also encourage the bacterial growth.

Check for these signs to validate whether you have Gum Disease –

  1. Red, Sore, Bleeding or Swollen gums.
  2. Loosen teeth
  3. Persistent Bad Breath

While keeping track of the above mentioned symptoms you must ensure that your diabetes is under control. If you are negligent towards diabetes be prepared to aggravate your gum disease because your risk for dry mouth, gum disease, tooth loss and fungal infections increases by leaps and bounds. Moreover gum disease will also raise the blood sugar level and this in turn will result in uncontrolled diabetes.

Because people who are suffering with diabetes are prone to oral disease as well, they should regularly go for dental check up however they must inform their dentist before hand that they are suffering from diabetes. Once a dentist knows that you are suffering from diabetes he will make sure that your mouth is cleaned properly and will also tell you the best and easiest way to keep your mouth clean.

Its always been suggested that you should brush your teeth after eat or drink something, well atleast twice a day you need to brush, however it is imperative for people suffering from diabetes that they have to ensure there is no plaque formation on their teeth. If not taken care plaque will turn into tartar and will not be easily removed even by flossing. Having a high blood sugar will make the gum disease more severe. People suffering from Diabetes should immediately quit smoking because tobacco damages gum tissues and causes bleeding gums.

Keeping a close check on the signs will help you in overcoming any further problems. Keep a healthy mouth to keep a healthy body. Keep Smiling 🙂

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