Is there any relation between gum problem and diabetes

You need to check out a few things by yourself to be sure that you do not suffer from Gum Disease. Check these signs:

  1. Red and Sore Gums
  2. Bleeding or Swollen gums.
  3. Loose teeth
  4. Constant Bad Breath

It is important for you to keep a track of the above mentioned symptoms, but you must also ensure that your diabetes is under control. If you keep on ignoring your diabetes, then be prepared to increase your gum disease because your risk of dry mouth, gum disease, tooth loss and fungal infections aggravates more and more day-by-day. Moreover, if you are suffering from gum disease, it will also raise the blood sugar level which in turn will result in uncontrolled diabetes.

To read and understand the relation between Gum Disease and Diabetes: Click Here

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