Laser Whitening

Laser Whitening or commonly known as Power Whitening is a very common procedure followed in cosmetic dentistry. This restores the natural color of the tooth and it is this reason why it has become the most sought after procedures in Dentistry. If the facts are to be believed then nearly 100 million Americans whiten their teeth. The estimated cost involved is $15 billion in 2010.

There are not many people who have white teeth and this becomes the reason why there is much craze getting the teeth whitened. Our eating and drinking habits contribute a lot towards the discolorations of our teeth.

There are a lot of procedures to whiten teeth. One of them is the Bleaching where a special gel is applied on the gums to protect the gums and then a whitening agent or chemical is applied. The main ingredient in the chemical is hydrogen peroxide. Once hydrogen peroxide is broken, oxygen penetrates into the enamel and this gives the color to the teeth.

The other procedure for Teeth Whitening is called as Laser Whitening or Power Whitening. During this procedure a rubber dam is placed over the gums to protect them and the tooth is painted with the bleaching agent. Thereafter this chemical is activated using laser and this makes the whitening procedure quick.

Usually the Bleaching procedure takes 3-4 weeks but because there are so many chemicals available these days, which if applied to the teeth for 8 hours will give you result in one week. On the other hand the Laser Whitening takes just 1 hour.

Many Dental Clinics in Thailand have the facilities for Laser Whitening. Dentists in Bangkok infact multiple Dentists in Thailand are trained on Laser Whitening so you get a good opportunity to choose from the varied options.

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