Malocclusion and Orthodontics

In case you are suffering from crooked teeth and poor bite then this is the case of Malocclusion. When we talk about bite we refer to the alignment of upper and lower teeth. When you observe your teeth and see that the upper portion is slightly ahead of the lower then you have a normal bite. Point to be noted here is that no one has a perfect bite.

Malocclusion is related to the look and feel of teeth so ideally this is a cosmetic problem. People suffering from this problem do not like their teeth as it affects self esteem. Moreover a crooked teeth is difficult to take care of and is prone to tooth decay and tooth loss. The other effects of Malocclusion includes difficulty in chewing and speaking.

The best way to treat this condition is by orthodontic treatment. This treatment helps in correcting the alignment of upper and lower jaws. This eventually makes the patient feel better and confident about the look. Dentists who specialize in the treatment are called as Orthodontist and make use of multiple tools so that the dental condition can be treated.


Malocclusion : The cause of this condition

The problem is caused by the shape and size of the jaw and is prevalent since childhood. Observe the jaw and teeth of your child and if you feel that the jaw is small then you must know that the teeth will grow in clustered and will be crooked. However if the jaw is big then the teeth will move out of alignment. The major causes of malocclusion is tooth sucking, using pacifier and to some extent breathing from mouth.


Malocclusion: Check for these symptoms

The most spot on symptom is tooth being crooked or moving out. Some people suffer from overbite which means that the upper teeth are sticking out. On the other hand certain people suffer from under bite which means the lower front teeth sticks out more than the upper ones.

Malocclusion: Diagnosis Procedure

You will have to visit your dentist regularly during the early days. If your dentist observes that the tooth or jaw are not aligned then he will suggest you to visit an Orthodontist. As per the general criterion it has been suggested that every kid who is 7 years old should visit dentist. This is the time when permanent teeth develop so it is imperative that they should go for regular check ups.

The orthodontist will be:

  • Questioning about your kids health in the past.
  • Examining mouth and teeth
  • Taking X-Rays and photos of mouth (face and teeth)
  • Making a model of teeth and jaws.

Your dentist might suggest your kid to wear braces so that these appliances can move teeth to correct the bite. They will also help move a child’s jaw into the right position.

This treatment takes about 2 years but it can be more at times. We need to realize that the treatment time for an adult is much more than that of a kid. In case your orthodontist asks you to undergo a surgery then it is important for you to take a second opinion.


It is always advisable to seek dental advice for any dental problems. So make sure you visit your dentist twice a year in order to keep your mouth healthy.

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