Medical Tourism in Thailand gaining momentum

Thailand is a popular destination for travelers from across the globe. And its for all the right reasons. The cost of stay here is so low but the facilities provided are of high standard. Tourism has brought Thailand as a leader in this domain. However there is another form of tourism that has gained popularity in this part of the world.

This is Medical Tourism and to be more specific Dental Tourism has picked up really quick here. The cost of treatment in this country is very low as compared to other countries. The Dental Implants in Thailand costs one third of what it costs in US.

There are numerous Dental Clinics in Thailand and all of them are well equipped with world class facilities and also the treating physicians. Dentists in Thailand or Dentists in Bangkok are well trained from US and the clinics meet the highest standard of quality, JCI accreditation. The other attractive features of Dental Clinics in Thailand are that they provide Dental Packages. So you get airport pick up and drop and also stay at their guest houses for the time frame of the treatment. Dentists have always been avoided by patients simply because of the pain that we feel when treatment is going on. But with special machines and trained Dentists in Thailand the pain is felt less.

If facts are to be believed then you will be surprised that 13,000 tourists by VISA travel to Thailand and 6% out of these 13,000 come for medical treatment. Thailand ranks number 9 on the list of most preferred destination for Medical Tourism and it attracts nearly 2.4 million tourists per year. With the medical treatment costs 25% less than any other country these number have to be believed. Thailand has reported higher number of foreign nationals from US, UK and Europe travel for medical treatment leaving behind Singapore. Singapore might be reported as the most preferred destination for Medical Tourism considering the infrastructure but when it comes to Infrastructure + Cost Effectiveness then its definitely Thailand.

If Thailand continues to provide cost effective treatment with wonderful facilities it will continue to remain the most preferred destination.

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