Myths related to Gums and Gum Related Problems

We all know that our teeth are the strongest part of the human body. They are meant to last a lifetime. But then we all have myths that as we grow older we will lose our teeth. We believe that with aging our gums become weak and starts to deteriorate. We think that gum disease is a part of aging procedure and we tend to live with it. So its always better to be informed in order to prevent gum disease or to get it treated at an early stage

1. Gum disease is an INTEGRAL PART of AGING:

Gum disease does not come with an age tag. Anyone can be affected by it and the generation that is more prone to get affected is the younger generation because of the erratic eating habit. The thing is people get affected by it because Dental Plaque gets accumulated and can happen to people of any age. With respect to aged people gum disease is more predominant because of receding gums. But in general any one can be affected by this dental problem and the reason can be many such as smoking, dry mouth or any sort of medication.

2. It is self destructible:

Well, that’s a big NO. Gum Disease is a slow process and it does get cured on its own. So in the beginning you will see redness on your gums accompanied by bleeding and eventually this will form a cavity at the base of the teeth. This leads to loose gums and the only way to avoid it is by regular dental check up.

3. I am a dentist on my own and I will figure it out:

When it comes to any disease, we tend to become self proclaimed doctors. However the fact is Gum Disease is not easy to detect. Many people (no matter what age group they belong), have no clue that they are suffering from Periodontal Disease and the reason is that this disease develops over due course of time. And perhaps this is the reason why dentist comes in picture. Whenever you notice any sort of redness under the teeth immediately seek dental help.

4. It’s absolutely fine if my teeth bleed while brushing:

This is the red flag and demands immediate attention by a dentist. You should look for signs such as

  • Red or Swollen Gums
  • Mouth Sores
  • Gums pulling away from teeth
  • Constant Bad Breath
  • Pus being formed between gums and teeth
  • Teeth that are getting separated and loose

5. Its just the gums that are affected:

So as I mentioned earlier whatever you eat affects your mouth first which eventually leads to other diseases in other parts of your body. So if you are suffering from Gum Disease then the bacteria will affect other parts. When we talk about senior citizens Gum Disease is associated with other health conditions. Moreover, if you are suffering from diabetes, it will be even more difficult to control your blood sugar level.

We all are a bit petrified when it comes to surgery, but there is a way out to cure Gum Disease. You can undergo a treatment called as Scaling and Root Planning which removes the plaque from the pockets around the affected tooth and eventually smoothes the surface. But if it is not possible to do Scaling and Root Planning then you must undergo Surgical Dental Procedure. No matter what happens, let your dentist decide what needs to be done with your teeth.

The only way to avoid periodontal disease is the old method of “Prevention is better than Cure”. So follow the basic hygiene i.e. brushing twice in a day and flossing. Consume a proper and healthy diet and visit your dentist regularly who will be in a better position to tell what the next step is for you.

So follow the advice and Keep Smiling 🙂


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