Oral Health and Stress – Co-relation between them

Stress has a direct impact on our health. It causes anxiety, panic attacks and depression. However do you know that it has a direct impact on our oral health also? Well yes this is true. As much as our body is affected by stress our mouth and oral health also gets affected. The level of stress differs from one person to other however the impact on our overall body and social life is almost the same.

Stress and oral health has a different sort of connection and tuning and I am sure that not all of you are aware of the relation between these two conditions. Researchers have found a close and deep connection between both the conditions and I am here to solve the mystery for you. Now because of these profound and learned researchers the dental problems mentioned below are caused by stress as well:

  1. Bruxism: Stress makes us grind our teeth and this eventually leads to tooth damage. You might have to wear a mouth guard to support your teeth while sleeping.
  2. Canker Sores: There is no exact reason of why canker sores affect your mouth. However when under stress we tend to eat and drink stuff which can cause this condition.
  3. Dry Mouth: This condition is caused when your mouth is not producing enough saliva. When under stress and depression you might have to take medicines which will cause your mouth to be dried.
  4. Burning Mouth Syndrome: This is more of a psychological problem which will cause a burning sensation in your mouth, lips, tongue and gums.
  5. TMJ/TMD: These are caused mainly because of the tooth grinding problem.
  6. Gum Diseases: People who are stressed out or under depression do not feel like taking care of themselves. This is why they do not eat proper and do not brush or floss. This leads to spoiled oral health and causes gum diseases.

The direct impact of stress on your oral health is when you are suffering from gum disease. The reason is lack attention given to your oral care. Patients under stress will start neglecting their oral health and stop brushing properly let alone flossing. Stress will also lead to poor diet. When in stress either we eat unhealthy or we eat nothing at all. Consumption of such diets will lead to tooth decay and eventually tooth loss.

Get de-stressed and take care of Oral Health

I understand that when we are in depression and stressed out it is difficult to take care of our health. However we need to understand that this is the time when we should be very particular about our health. Times when we are stressed out we tend to indulge in smoking and drinking alcohol. Let me remind you that these two are the biggest contributor towards all sorts of problems related to our body. Take plenty of sleep and listen to good music. It is important that during stress you stay strong and understand the importance of good oral health.

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  • Forienthe

    Many mouth and dental stress come. This e is due to dry our oral mouthed specified action need for such treatment. The stress should be overcome if someone user recommendation from doctor.

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