Orthodontics Procedure

So let us first understand what is Orthodontics. Orthodontics is the first specialty that was established in the field of Dentistry. An Orthodontist is the dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of teeth that are not aligned properly and the jaws as well. So when you see someone who has wires attached to their jaw, that we popularly know as Braces, that is the result of Orthodontics.

For a detailed and elaborate treatment of Orthodontics Treatment, metal wires are placed inside the braces. These metal wires may be made from Stainless Steel or more exquisite materials. The wires in collaboration with the braces move the teeth to the desired position hence straightening the misaligned teeth or jaws. Orthodontists (dentist specialized in this treatment) work on the whole face rather than just focusing on teeth or jaws.

Once the patient has undergone this treatment they are required to wear braces for quite some time. doing so ensures that their teeth are correctly aligned while the bones surrounding them rectifies on its own. You might be asked to wear the braces typically for a few days for about a year. After that the orthodontist might suggest you to wear the braces in night only. Whether one has undergone the orthodontic treatment or not, there are strong chances that the teeth will crowd or form a cluster as a person starts aging, so there is no surety that the teeth will remain aligned without the braces and this perhaps is the reason why dentist will ask you to wear braces at night.

A typical Orthodontist Treatment takes 18-36 months and it depends upon the distances the teeth has to be moved to, treatment objectives, the employed and the cooperation of the patient. Where-as there is another alternative that one can opt for. It is called as Accelerated orthodontic treatment popularly knows as AAO. As per this technique or treatment the results are seen typically in 6-9 months. This comes out to be a feasible option for those who wish to undergo Porcelain Veneers treatment and do not intend to spend years and years in conventional Orthodontic Treatment. No matter what treatment you opt for, in both the cases a patient has to be on a liquid diet for atleast 24 hours.

This procedure has been popular since ages and is also mostly found in kids. So follow your dentists advice and maintain that naturally beautiful smile.

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