Painless Root Canal Treatment

No body likes to undergo Root Canal Treatment. But how about I tell you that there is a method called as Painless Root Canal Treatment. You will still be unhappy but there would be a sense of relief that the procedure is Painless. But before we understand the procedure of Painless Root Canal Treatment we need to know why do we have to undergo Root Canal and most importantly what exactly is Root Canal Treatment.

What is Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment

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If you study your tooth you will find that it is made out of three layers – Enamel, Dentine and Pulp. Pulp is the inner most layer and comprises of nerve and blood vessels. When you meet with an accident your tooth might end up getting fractured or cracked. This will result in deep decay along with large and deep fillings. These deep decay does not necessarily mean is being caused due to some accident, instead it can be due to excessive wear and tear of enamel due to grinding. In both the situations pulp gets damaged and results in pain, swelling, sensitivity to hot and cold. Not only this you gums would become tender and soft and you will have a constant bad taste in your mouth. This is where Root Canal Treatment comes into picture.

This treatment prevents your tooth from being extracted and reduces all the pain, swelling and any other problem that you were facing.

painless root canal treatment

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The procedure that was followed earlier was basically involving drilling of teeth (I know that’s really scary).

Painless Root Canal Treatment

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But technology has evolved and enhanced to such an extent that we have now discovered Painless Root Canal Treatment. So come let us know about this savior from pain.

Painless Root Canal Treatment

This is the latest treatment procedure followed by most of the dentists globally. The new laser technology is what we always wanted for our teeth. It has practically changed the way Root Canal Treatment is being done globally. Time is changing and so is technology. Now that we have the air abrasion for treating cavities then this change towards root canal treatment was much needed.

This is a Laser Treatment where in parallel beam of intense light is used to clean out root canals. This laser helps in melting down the debris which consists of bacteria and infection. This results in proper cleaning of the root and it is more effective than the conventional treatment. Not only this, it is also less time consuming.

Positive affects of Painless Root Canal Treatment

The first and foremost positive affect is the fact that there is no pain in undergoing this treatment. The laser technology helps in reducing the side effects from the conventional root canal treatment. If you have always been scared of the drill machine chipping off or files flying inside your mouth then this is a treatment designed for you. There is no use of Anesthesia. After the treatment you lead your normal life such as you do not give up on drinking and eating even for a couple of hours. It reduces the swelling and inflammation that is caused when you undergo the conventional form of treatment. Also the use of medication is reduced to a great extent.


So there it is. You must be convinced now this treatment wont give you pain. Painless Root Canal Treatment is being widely followed and is also yielding great results but not many dentists are following it. But over a period of time the conventional method will soon be given up by the dentists and this is the one that will be incorporated by most of the dentists.

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