Porcelain Braces: A relief from Metal Braces

Porcelain Braces have come up as a savior for those who want to have braces, but do not want to show the world that they are wearing braces. Many teenagers are seen wearing metallic braces time and again and trust me, they just hate it. The only reason is that the braces are clearly visible and affects their beautiful smile. But then time has changed and so has treatment procedures as well.

Now the conventional metal braces have been taken over by Porcelain Braces or Clear Dental Braces. These are also called as Tooth Colored Braces. These braces serve the same purpose as that of the metallic ones but are more or less invisible. These braces have come out as a savior for those who hated wearing the metallic ones.

These types of braces were introduced for the first time in 1987 and were considered as one of the best innovations in the field of orthodontics. Over a period of time these braces have evolved and have become more durable and safer. Initially, when they were used, the enamel used to get worn out or damaged after removing.

If you care for Porcelain Braces it will be easy for them to keep the stains away. The wire used in the traditional metal braces is that of metal, but in Porcelain Braces the wire used is made out of silver, or frosted or even white colored. This makes the wire and the brace less obvious. These types of braces have their own advantage and disadvantages. The advantage in using them is that they serve the same purpose as the metallic brace and are invisible. The disadvantage is that they are a bit costly than the conventional braces. Furthermore, the adhesive that holds the brace is most likely to get stained with any drinks such as coffee, tea or any other dark drinks.

Few things that you need to know about Porcelain Braces:

  1. The treatment time is longer than the metal braces.
  2. They are not as durable as metal ones.
  3. The food habit remains the same whether you opt for metal or porcelain braces. You have to avoid hard and sticky foods.
  4. If you are an athlete then you might want to avoid Porcelain Braces and use a mouth guard always.
  5. As mentioned before they are costlier than metal braces,

Teeth is an important part of your body and its imperative to take care of them. It should not matter whether you are wearing metal braces or porcelain braces as long as it is serving the purpose.

So stay happy Stay healthy and Keep Smiling 🙂


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