Porcelain Veneers – All you need to know about

Veneers are material that are placed over the tooth for primarily two reasons, either to improve the beauty of teeth or to protect the teeth from damage. Dentist may use Composite Porcelain or Dental Porcelain to perform the procedure. The shells are fixed to the front of the teeth it changes the color, shape and size of the teeth.

Patients generally prefer Porcelain Veneers as it has the capability of resisting stains. It also gives an impression of a natural tooth. On the other hand Composite or Resin Veneers are thinner in width and to place this veneer not much teeth is extracted.

Dental Veneers are generally used to fix the following problems associated with tooth –

  1. Discoloration – Our erratic eating habits leads to discoloration of tooth. At times because of certain treatment carried out on our tooth (like Root Canal) our teeth loses color because of the chemicals used.
  2. To fix the worn out or chipped teeth.
  3. To align the misaligned or uneven or irregular teeth.
  4. Reduce the gaping.

Although no one likes dentists but it takes nearly 3 visits to undergo this procedure. Not that in your first visit the dentist will start the work. The first step is Investigation and Plan for Treatment. In this step you need to set your expectations right with the Dentist. The dentist will closely examine your teeth and take the appropriate action or decision. Next step is the Preparation of the Veneer. The dentist will remove atleast 1/2mm of enamel to send the sample to the Dental Lab. This sample gets delivered to him within 1-2 weeks. The third step is Bonding. In this step or visit the dentist will temporarily place a veneer on your tooth before placing a permanent one. Before the veneer achieves proper fit your dentist will move and trim the veneer time and again. After this your tooth will be cleaned and polished and with the use of special cement the veneer is placed on your tooth. Once the veneer is placed dentist will then use a special light that will help a chemical to be activated. This results in hardening of the veneer.

There are many Dental Clinics in Thailand that offer you Porcelain Veneer Treatment. With the use of modern technology Dentistry in Bangkok is gaining utmost importance. The other reason is that Dentists in Thailand are well trained to the highest standards of quality in healthcare, JCI Accreditation.

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