Process and Prevention of Dental Caries

Today’s blog deals with the Process and Prevention of Dental Caries. But before we get into the details of the process and prevention of dental caries let us first understand what is this condition all about.

Dental Caries is a condition where bacteria from acidic foods and drinks attack our teeth causing damage to the structure. This is one of the most common conditions faced not just by kids but by adults as well globally. The root cause of this problem is the consumption of eatables that are hard to chew, acidic in composition, smoking and alcohol consumption. Prevention of this disease is one step towards the further development of infected teeth. Dental help is needed to understand the development of this condition. Your dentist will inform and educate you about the causes of caries and will help you with the habits that will help in reducing the condition.

The Process and Prevention of Dental Caries is simple – You need to make sure that you eat things that are healthy and full of vitamin c.

Process and Prevention of Dental Caries

Prevention of Dental Caries does not just refers to the fact after the teeth has been affected by the disease. It also refers to the steps that are required to be taken once you see any visible symptoms. There are three levels of prevention for dental caries and are mentioned below:

  1. Primary Method: This is basically the step where in you need to avoid the occurrence of this disease. So here you will have to know that you need to consume less sugary, acidic food, alcohol and give up cigarette. You will also have to be particular about brushing twice a day followed by flossing and using mouthwash.
  2. Secondary Method: This happens when the disease has been detected but still it can be prevented from growing more. The other reason why this comes in picture is to reduce the complications before the disease becomes more severe. Your dentist will inform you about the prevention methodology by scanning the caries, periodontal screening and recording for periodontal disease, and screening for breast and cervical cancer.
  3. Tertiary Method: This comes into picture when the tooth has been affected but now the impact has to be controlled. The other reason why this method is implemented is to educate you about the healthy lifestyle which you need to follow which will prevent this disease to occur in future as well.

How your behavior can evade this disease

Your behavior or the steps that you take to keep you mouth healthy is extremely important in controlling this disease. When you seek dental help or if you visit your dentist he will tell you about the proper brushing technique and will also suggest you healthy diets that you can opt for. But then still educating patients of some unhealthy eating habits does not seem to really help as we will not give up eating sugary foods or acidic foods. But your behavior play an important role in evading this disease. This is the reason why it is important for dentists to not to just assume that patients will adhere to whatever he or she says.

The patients need to understand that the process and prevention of Dental Caries starts and ends with them. The process of kick starting this condition is by consuming sugary, acidic and hard to chew foods, drinking too much alcohol and smoking. This has to be reduced to eventually cutting down such habits. The prevention is as mentioned – reduced to eventually cutting down such habits. Furthermore you need to also understand that keeping your mouth healthy is of prime importance. You need to brush twice a day regularly followed by flossing and using mouthwash.


As long as you are indifferent about your health there is no medicine that will help nor will any dentist be able to make any change. If you are not careful and vigilant towards your teeth there might be a situation you will have to get the tooth extracted and fix artificial teeth or set up braces to align your teeth. So as the old adage goes Charity begins at home you need to understand that healthy body starts from you taking steps towards it. Make sure to follow dental habits and eating healthy foods. Apart from this visit your dentist twice a year so that he can be aware of any current disease or symptoms of new one.

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