Reasons why you should visit Thailand

We all live in an era where the pressure on top of our head is so much so that we need some time off our work and daily routine to relax and chill around. But every time we think of going somewhere for a trip with family and friends, the one thing that stops us is money. Because of inflation our travelling has become way too less and we think twice of doing so.

Thailand, the Land of Smiles, which was once considered as the largest exporter of rice has now turned out to be the biggest destinations for tourist and travelers. People from across the world are travelling to Thailand making it biggest hub of South East Asia. So it’s not surprising to know that in 1967 the number of tourists that visited Thailand was nearly 390,000 and in 2013 it grew up to 26 million. This drastic change and heavy tourist flow gave a big boost to the economy of Thailand. Now, if facts are to be believed then in 2007 the average stay duration of tourist was 9.19 days which generated nearly 540 million BAHT = a whopping 11 billion EURO.

Thailand does not facilitate one type of tourism. The other form of tourism that is given importance to and is also a driving factor of the economy is Medical Tourism. Off late medical tourism has gained a lot of popularity in Thailand. This can be understood by the fact that there are nearly 37 JCI accredited hospitals in Thailand which is more than any other South Asian or South East Asian Countries. With the state of art facilities and accommodation this place is acquiring tourists in the form of patients from across the globe.

Dental Tourism in Thailand is the one that’s most popular among few others. Dentistry in Bangkok is the most famous one because the Dental Packages offered by the clinics are so attractive that it’s hard to give it a miss. Consider this – 8 Crowns + 5 Night Stay at a max of USD 4700. This seems to be a pretty awesome deal to grab especially when you are at a place which is known for its hospitality and warm nature of the local residents.

Does not really matter what you choose – Teeth Whitening in Bangkok or Porcelain Veneers in Bangkok, all these treatments come in such a dirt cheap price that tourist will definitely fly to this place. As stated in the crown example above if you consider doing a crown treatment in US it will cost you USD 800 to USD 3000 per tooth let alone accommodation.

So if you are travelling to Thailand next time and you feel like getting some treatment done on your teeth and gums then just search for Best Dental Clinic in Bangkok and you will get the list of all the Thailand Dentists.

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